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  1. Hello I am selling what i got from my 2 years of playing L2 on claccic clubx3: - Adena - 13 euro for 100kk ( 5kkk in stock) - paypal only - SOLD Characters - all with emial: - PR 78 lvl (event cloak, branslet 5lvl) - Tyrant 79.7 (cloak, branslet lvl 5, all skill lerned) - SWS 78lvl (cloak, blanslet lvl 5, renewal, more than 100 bres) - SR 79lvl (cloak, branslet lvl 5, more then 200 bres) - ES 78lvl ( branslet lvl 4) - Necro 77( branslet lvl 5) If something intrests you, write pm. I am not sramer, i just whant earn some money from my 2 years of playing.
  2. Hello I want to raport scammer - https://maxcheaters.com/profile/217152-lovelineageii/ PayPal: multimediang@yahoo.com https://prnt.sc/l06ffh https://prnt.sc/l06fmr https://prnt.sc/l06frf https://prnt.sc/l06fvs https://prnt.sc/l06g76 https://prnt.sc/l06gfe https://prnt.sc/l06gl5 I make this screen 10 h ago.
  3. Hello WYB Dark Avanger / Hell Knight on classic club x3 (char + mail) PayPal