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  1. NEW - WL 77 and 90% EXP - with 3rd class done. Email account clean and provided.
  2. Added Hierophant (PP) with level 77 for sale - Cloak Lion Fury - 3rd Class skill (Profecy of Fire) Magic Tablets - Scrolls xp 100,70,50,30% / 50+ from each one - Blue Wolf Robe Set - B Grade Jewels Set [ Own email of character, (Gmail Clean of Informatios) you'll have it, after you buy you can put all your infos there, and change char to your own email later if you want.]
  3. L2Classic.club shop Items: WTS 2 x Cloth Piece WTS 19 x Magic Tablet WTS BW Robe Set +6/7 parts WTS 1.4kkk adena on stock NEW WTS Baium Soul WTS Orfen Earring NEW WTS Great Pata + 16 WTS Bow of Peril +10 NEW WTS Demon Staff +16 NEW WTS Lance +10 NEW WTS Maj Light NEW WTS Crystal Dagger +16 WTS Ring of Queen Ant WTS DS +14 WTS SLS +7 WTS Ring of Core WTS Talisman TOI VI and more.... pm for details Characters: PM for offers, selling my items cheap as bulk or individually. Accepting only PayPal and BTC payments.