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  1. PP 78 with Profecy fire Shilien Elder 76 Spoiler Lv 75 with cloak,Bracelet 3 Bw heavy +4 set B.O ( 250 Euros) Ghost Hunter Lv 77 cloak, naked (250Euros) Spectral Dancer BD Lv 78, set doom heavy, set B.O, bracelet 5, cloak ( 220 Euros) Itens: Deadmans Glory +16 Demons Staff +16 Accept PayPal payment only.
  2. I have prophet 77+ for sale with Profecy of fire.
  3. (250 Euros) Hierophant (Prophet) Cloak Lion Fury 3rd Class skill ( Profecy of Fire) Magic Tablets Scrolls xp 100,70,50% / 50+ 230+ Bless ress scrolls 50+ box death penalty (xp loss on death) Blue Wolf Set B Grade Jewels Set [ Own email of character, (Gmail Clean of Informatios) you'll have it, after you buy you can put all your infos there, and change char to your own email later if you want.] Accept Payment Only by PayPal. Contact me with discord, pm me I give you my profile to add.
  4. Wtb Cursed Maingauche +16 via PayPal. Send msg me here.
  5. It can't be traded m8, it goes with pp. Any cloack can be traded.