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  1. Hello, i am currently selling this character on Innova's Ramona Server (4Game) Elf Yul Moonlight Sentinel Lv. 99 with 13 Ability Points Dual class: Lv. 93 Tyrr Titan And x 2 Subclass Lv. 80 (has chaos essence in wh) Kept pre-awakening skills: Rapid Shot & Rapid Fire Items: 5 slots brooch Ruby Lv. 3 & Obsidian Lv. 3 Exalted: Hellbound 8k quest done 80 days premium account left Price: 100 eur Also taking offers Payment method: Paypal For fastest/instant response add me on Skype: devling2 Or use this button: My reaction time to answer messages on this forum may take longer.
  2. Destr 65/ Destr 65/ SK 65/ WC 65/ Spoil 65
  3. Hello, want to sell 3 Chars on Server classic.ws x3. (https://classic.ws/en.html) Chars: Elven Elder lv 45 Necromancer lv 50 Shilien Elder lv 42 EE and Necro got full C Grade and some Adena in stock. If you need any further infortmation feel free to send me a PM. Cheers, zeke
  4. Selling this "bundle" with the following accounts and items: mail me at anderaosbd@gmail.com with offers, accept paypal only
  5. wts: Hawkeye 72 - Need to change Email Dark Avenger 65 - With Email Prophet 62 - Need to change Email Paypal / Bitcoin +info mp
  6. Hello everybody im selling either my chars or the following items on l2era Char 1: Ghost Hunter +30 skills Char 2: Spellhowler +30 skills Items: Vorpal Leather Set +6 LvL7 Vesper Noble Robe Foundation Set +6 LvL7 Veniplant Acumen 300Wind +7 Vesper Found Dual Dagger 300Earth +4 Hero Cloak Black x2 Zaken Earing +6 Blessed Freya +6 PvP Belt (S) +4 10 bilion Adena Vesper Slasher +4 300 Fire Vorpal Rings +6/5/4 (x6) Vorpal Earing +6/4 (x2) Pm me here or on my skype: hliasargiris Note: Paypal Only
  7. WTS ACCOUNTS / ITEMS on l2 TALES GvE Wts as well some hero chars WTS CARDI ACC FULL CERTED SKILLS ENCHANTED Vorpal Robe Set + 6 1800 Dynasty Mace Acu + Earth (Masterwork) Vesper Caster + 8 Orfen Earring Blessed Freya Neckl +4 Vesper Rings / Earring +4 Zaken Cloack and Hat 4 x Dynasty Mace + Nuke 110 Power 50 Bilion Adena WTS SOULTAKER ACC FULL CERTED SKILLS +30 Vesper Noble Robe Set Masterwork + 6 1800 Zaken Cloack Vorpal Jewelery Set + 6 Veniplant + 8 + Acu + 300 + Passive M.Atk And more items, message me here :) I can sell items and chars.
  8. WTS: 1. Tyrr Titan 100 lvl / yul gs 98 dual , all subs. Some skills ++ Oly ring Can be with item (seraph set, apo slasher +4 2sa 300) 100k fame Cheap acc 2.Othell Gh 99.6/dual 96 wynn Skills +3-7 shiny elem shirt +10 augmented hat 3str+10 speed 5 BROOCH SLOT - RED CAT 4 LVL TANZANITE 4 LVL at other jewels. Cheap acc 3. Tyrr Titan 101/97 Iss 5 Brooch 3 lvl jewels all can be geared with gun (top augument 70+ att attack) 4.100 Feoh SS/87 Healer Brooch 5lvl 4 lvl jewels Accounts can be traded for adena aswell on RaMONA or Core Pm skype coinsbomb for more information and prices
  9. WTS on Skelth Account / 120€ (both chars are on same account) Prophet 55 - naked all buffs learned! WIT dyes SE 40 Adena 2.4€/kk - 34kk on stock-----------buy all for 70€ Paypall / friends and family option only!!!! Add me on skype: replix-l2 Am a trusted member, just check my other topic:http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/197328-wts-adena-on-core/
  10. WTB EE 60+ on Skelth - naked WTB NECRO/SH around 50 lvl - naked :) PM on forum with offers :)
  11. Hello, i'm selling adena/chars at rpg x3: 100kk=7e chars: Grand Khavatari: 84/75/75/75 nobl SE: 84/75/72 nobl WC: 83.90/65 (+great fury) SWS: 85 (sub q done) BD: 84 DOD: 80 only paypal and i don't go first skype: eligijus.siupynas
  12. As topic title... ANY OF THESE CLASSES will do: Warlord Gladiator Treasure Hunter Hawkeye Plainswalker Silver Ranger Abyss Walker Phantom Ranger Destroyer Tyrant
  13. close topic
  14. Character: Prophet: 64Level. EE: 64 Level. SE: 64 Level. SPH: x2 62 Level/ 68 Level. Crafter: 56 Level Spoiler: 62 Level SPS: 58 Level. BD: 62 Level. Items: All basic material recipe on crafter + All ss/bss recs. Tallum Heavy set Every character full C Grade. With Weapons C + SA Recipe's A grade armors. All kinds. Almost every material needed to craft them exept Asofe's. Adena/Donate coins 400kk~ / 500 Donate coins. If intrested send an email at: l2bnbx8@gmail.com
  15. SELLING CHEAP ADENA ON L2 E-GLOBAL 7X 50KK = 1$ 1 BIL = 20$ I ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL 2.5 BILLION ADENA LEFT (I'm still selling some items i had left so i might have 1 more billion soon) SELLING DOOM CRYER LVL 79 WITH MASTER ACCOUNT 20$ Also selling: Hawekeye lv 79 (naked) Silver Ranger lv 79 (naked) Sword Singer lv 78 (naked) All of these 4 chars very cheap, just contact me so we can talk Bladedancer lv 75 (naked) YOU CAN MESSAGE ME HERE OR ADD ME ON SKYPE: TIRANOFABIOREX TO TALK ABOUT PRICES ALL THE CHARS INCLUDE MASTER ACCOUNT DO NOT MESSAGE ME IF YOU'RE SCAMMER, IS NOT WILLING TO GO FIRST I CAN LINK YOU THE ADENA, I'M JUST LEAVING THE SERVER AND WANT TO GET RID OF EVERYTHING EDIT: LOWERED ADENA PRICE FOR 50KK=1$ AND SET PRICE ON WC FOR 20$
  16. WTS NEXUS CHARS / GEAR VERY CHEAP TITAN 85/75/75/75 skills +15 DYNASTY HEAVY WEAPON MASTER SET 900 all parts masterwork +3 VESPER SLASHER + 3 + FOCUS + 300 HOLY DYNASTY CRUSHER + 3 + RSK. FOCUS + 300 HOLY + Great Gale (Masterwork) VORPAL JEWELERY SET + 3 HP SHIRT + 4 ALL WEAPONS WITH BUFFS AND AUGUS for oly ZAKEN CLOACK SHILEN KNIGHT 85/75/75/75 skills enchanted + 12+ MOIRAI HVY SET 900 FREYA CLOACK VESPER CUTTER + 3 + FOCUS + 300 WIND VORPAL JWL SET + 3 C grade fist + haste + 16 Demon Dagger + 16 FENRIR 86 TOP GEAR ZAKEN HAT BOXES: OVERLORD + SEAL OF LIMIT PROPHET + COUNTER CRITICAL KAT + Moirai Robe Set + Dyna Phantom Acumen ADD SKYPE: mil3k25 Chars can be sold with or without items pm for more infos
  17. WTS on rpgx7 Items-adena Dynasty Crusher Risk Focus 265 holy Angel Slayer Haste 150 fire Moirai heavy set 900 attr Vesper Noble Robe set 1200 attr Adena (all items can sold fast and give on adena if someone need big amount of adena) Chars Necro 84lvl +10 skills (+mail+secret word) (+dod + meteor) Tank Shillien Knight 85 lvl +10/12 skills (+mail+secret word) (sos learned+all books) Shillen Elder 82lvl (+mail+secret word) Titan 84lvl (+mail+secret word) Necro 81lvl (+mail+secret word)
  18. WTS ADENA and CHARS ON RPG X7 VICTORY ADENA IN STOCK : 30bil SOLD CHARS: Duelist 84 /SUB 75/75/65 NOBL (+11-17 SKILLS) ALL BOOKS LEARNED (10 €) Wind Rider 82 /SUB 75 NOBL SOLD Storm Screamer 82 SOLD Soultaker 82 SOLD Mystic Muse 79 almost 80 (3 rb subs done) SOLD Spectral Dancer 80 SOLD Doomcryer 77,50% COV LEARNED SOLD Shilien Saint 81 ( 4 € ) Gear: Moirai Heavy SET 300 att SOLD Vesper Heavy SET 760 att SOLD For bying the chars u ll need to have the rur for email change on account Payment method : Paypal More info on private-skype : tsetsas23 or give me your skype on PM or here Payment has to be send as a gift,any other options wont be accepted
  19. Hello. WTS Adena,chars on asterios.tm x7 Big stock skype l2freaks
  20. Hello guys, new party arrived and i want to introduce chars which we are selling (SOLD / STILL ON SALE) : all sold Adena 1kk 10e All characters can be naked aswell. Accounts including original email, characters never used 3rd party software before. We are full responsible of things that we want to sell.
  21. As topic says..... 2 x Gladiator - 85 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- all skills +30 Olf +10 Talismans for : con, str, dex, all stats Vesper Noble Foundation Heavy Sets +8 +7 lvl attribute Core Duals +8 + 300 + pvp with +1 str augument ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Titan - 85 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- all skills +30 Olf +8 Elegia Heavy Set +8 + 7lvl attribute Foundation Dyna crusher +8 + 300 + pvp + 1 str Feather Eye 5 + focus + 300 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *All characters are noblesses with 3x main subs,some of them with 3 and all skills learned Prices will be discussed in PM ( with or without items ) Antharas Earring / Zaken Earring / Blessed Freya`s ( several ) / Frintezza Neclace ( several ) / Baium ring / Beleth ring ( several ) For prices PM me in forum or contact me at skype ( bgha3mopeta ) *transfer only via PayPal*
  22. Selling gear and epics on Interlude e-global x10 Add me on skype Sellesan123 (BG). Accepting Paypal f&f Donate shop items: Global coins - 100GC/8e Apella heavy set - 12e Homu + acu - 7e Orcish pole+wb -7e Berserker blade+f -7e cursed dagger- 4e Gear (negotiable price): 2x DC robe set 1x Draconic Bow 1x Heavens Divider Any S weapon recipe + keys Mats 1x Ring of Queen Ant Chars: EE 78 + subclass Necro 77
  23. WTS items and chars on RaidFight x4 GF server. Duelist 84 lvl skill+++ S84 duals +++ S84 blunt S84 dagger S80 HV set 60el S80 light set 60el Draco light set Full epic jewelry set Chars and epics For more details or offers PM here on forum, or Skype: salazar slitherin (MC, UK)
  24. Items: Ring of Baium +6 Zaken Earring +6 Blessed Necklace of Freya +6 Vorpal Robe Set +12 Full att TOP PVP Defense belt +6(S-grade) Vesp Noble Robe set +6 full Att - sold Vesp Noble Robe set +6 full att (Foundation) - sold Vesp Noble Leather Set +6 full att(Foundation) - sold Skull Edge Dual Daggers +7 300 attribute - sold Adena/DPs - a lot adena in stock/some DPs left Adena/DPs - negociate Pheonix Knight: Noobless + 3 subs + certificates(Duelist and Saggitarius subclasses 85 and some enchanted skills) Olf Shirt +6 Skills enchanted: 15-30 Olympiad Earring Olympiad Ring Some Weapons with good auguments 25 000+ Fame Many Auguments Zaken/Frintezza/Freya Soul Cloaks Mystic Muse: Noobless + 3 subs + certificakes(Cardi+DOD are 85) Skills 14-30 Zaken/Frintezza/Freya Soul Cloaks Olympiad Earring/Ring 7k Fame Baium and Antharas Quests Cardinal: Nobless + 3 subs + certs Skills 14-30 Olympiad Ring 17k Fame Baium/Anthy/Valakas Quests Olf +10 Vorp R Set +12 full att[pvp] Cloak of Freya Belt S-grade TOP pvp p def +6 x3 Guns Acumen 300 att(with nukes) x1 Gun Acumen 150 att(nuke) Dyna Mace Acumen +1 con found[pvp] Vorpal/Elegia jewels +6/7 Blessed Freya +6 FA enough to change name PM messege with skype for more info I use only Paypal
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