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Found 21 results

  1. Server RPG Party x3 WTB LIST (Updated 15.10) - adena - gem s - aa - attr stones/crys - green 17 / red 16 - vesper noble robe set (+mw) 900/1800 - elegia robe parts - valakas necklace pm here
  2. Hello i would like to sell duelist on rpg-club 3x party server duelist 84 (37 %) with all sub skills, noblesse equip: moirai heavy set +3 900 atribute vesper duals sword +4 180 fire vorpal juwe cloak talisman +6 divine cloak 2 skills +14 300 atribute stones in warehouse and many items in warehouse pm me on skype: adena.depot1
  3. -LVL 77 58% -3rd class - PREMIUM ACC -DC set,Valhalla(acu),Full A jewels -20kk adena -Pailaka 73-77 still available -The char is in an international clan if that's a + for you , since server is russian. -+6 Boxer(unicorn) Contact me on skype : wnhweather
  4. WTS 64 lvl SH, 67 SE 20 kk on accs Dc set, Vallhalla Skype: adena.depot1
  5. 85 Duelist Subclasses 75 / 75 / 75 Noblesse Equipment: Dual Periel +6 att 300 Good Augment Equip skill: Decrese all skill mp Consumption Moirai heavy Set +3 Att 1800 Breastplate is pvp enchanted Divine Cloak +6 Cloak of greenery +3 Mithril Belt - PVP Skill Attack (S grade) Mithril Bracelet (S grade) Ruthless Tribe Mask +3 Vorpal Earring Olympiad Warrior's Earring +3 Vorpal Necklace +3 Vorpal Ring Olympiad Warrior's Ring Dawn's Bracelet Symbols con +4 Dex-4 Str +1 Dex-1 Str+4 Dex-4 Oly Augment weapons Mysterious sword's Skill 1: Regenerate Targets HP Skill 2: Temporarily Increase M.Def Skill 3: Temporarily Increases probability of Critical Attack skill 4: Temporarily Decreases skill reuse time. Skill 5: Restores one's own CP Skill 6: Increases PVP P.atk Hell knife : Mental Shield +1 Augmented Vesper Avenger s84 Moirai Shield S80 Oly Equipments Dark crysal Robe set Alot OF Talismans Skills Triple Slash +14 pvp Double sonic slash +12 pvp Sonic Blaster +10 Sonic Storm (aoe) +25 Fire Sonic Buster (aoe) +20 Fire Stun Attack +11 Triple Sonic Slash +20 War Frenzy +9 Passive Dual Weapon Mastery +11 pwr Heavy Mastery +10 pwr Wisdom +9 Expand Storage lv2 Expand Inventory lv2 Master of combat +7 Warrior Ability - Haste (subclass) Knight Ability - Defense / UD (Subclass) Enchanter Ability - Barrier (Subclass) Divine Inspiration lvl 4 I can also throw in lvl 85 Necro Account (clean) Noblesse Subs 80 / 75 / 75 pm offer! I have skype. pm me with ur name and i will Add you.
  6. with kookaburra 65lvl Leave ur offer on pm or contact me in skype: crazy-stylee Trade via Paypal or Wester Union !
  7. Hi guys! Want to sell some items On Rpg-Club [Motherland] x3 server: Ring of Queen Ant Zaken Earing Vesper Noble Robe set 900 att Vesper Noble Robe set 1800 att Vesper Caster [Acum] 300 att Fire Want to sell some Adena On Rpg-Club [Motherland] x3 server: 100kk - current stock - 0 Want to sell some Chars On Rpg-Club [Motherland] x3 server: Pheonix Knight - 83 +Noble Sorcer - 85\80\80\75 skills 13-27, much fame, tokens, life stones for oly EE - 85\75\75\75 skills 13-27, much fame, tokens, 2 life stone nuke (300-150 att + acum) Bishop - 85\75\75 skills 13-27, much fame, tokens , 3 life stone nuke (300-150att + acum) Overlord - 85\75\75 skills 13-27 much fame, tokens Payments: Paypal (only gifts) Web Money (protection 120 day) Contacts : ICQ - 636945387
  8. WTS Shillien Templar Rpg-club.com x3 Motherland LS: Active : might\reflect\heal\vampirik Skills: 10-15 root +25 Some eqp: TW jewels Dion\Oren + oly ring cloak of greenery talismans vorpal neckl + oly weapons (mental\btb) 52k fame\ 2kkk sp payments: PayPal, WM, Qiwi, WalletOne contact: rythmpwnz
  9. 1 - Cardinal 85/75+/75+/75+ - NOBLES, cloak of greenery, Vesper Caster + nuke skill, TW earring, skills +10++, hair accesory. 2 - Shillen Saint 85/75+ - Nobles, 7rb 6/7 Vesper Robe set 900 icarus spirit
  10. RPG-CLub Motherland x3 Bishop 83 lvl - Nobless - Moirai Set - Moirai Ring x2 - Moirai Necklace +1 - MOirai Sigil - SOV Acu http://i.imgur.com/89EVFKa.png Quests - 7rb - 6/7 - Need Bomber - 7s 79 ,7s 81 - done WH - - Tallum Hv Set - Tallum Blade c - DImensional Diamond 163 - High LS 85 x2 - common a grade jewels and armors. http://i.imgur.com/nss6GcO.png Tyrant 69 lvl - 81% - Dragon grinder c Warcryer 67 lvl - 46% - No eq Spellhowler 72 lvl - 70% - Karmian set + ee 54 lvl - same acc Prophet 56 lvl - 68% - Karmian set - Low c grade sword + ACU PM offers
  11. Wts on BLAZE x150: - adena - s weapons - mats - EWS Wts on rpg-club x3 h5: - adena (9eu - 100kk) I have adena to sell on other l2 servers: tales, averia, rpg x5, mid, evoke etc. Paypal only ! The lowest price ! Contact: * skype: theone22401 * pm forum
  12. ADENA STOCK 400KK 10€ / 100kk WTS TH LVL 75 + email Items: -DC light set -Soul sepp - common -Phoenix common jwl set -Chic silver cheapeau -Cloack of greenery (unlimited weight) -Greater Wolf lvl 67 With MID EQ (No name) WTS MM 82 + email -Subclass cat 75 -Noblesse -ALL lvl 81/82 FS learned Items: - DC ROBE SET - SOV ACUMEN - Phoenix common jwl set -Wizard hat 10€ TH Paypal only as a gift 30€ MM Paypal only as a gift pm on skype Lastre94
  13. Rpg-club x3 HF adena 10kk-1,2euro BIG STOCK e-itemz Adena 10KK-1,2euro 24/7 in 5 min! Like in the topic - adena in game Lineage 2 on motherland x3 (rpg-club.com) You paying 1,2 euro and getting 10,000,000 adena THE FASTEST and THE CHEAPEST 1.We always trying put adena the cheapest, but if some1 put it lower than us, contact with us, we will make better offer for sure! :) 2. We trying to be the best and the fastest Service, That's why we're sitting ~20h per day at PC, all adena trades takes 1-10minutes after payment! WARRANTY OF SECUIRITY -We are exeperienced team, who knows very well this game, We farm virtual good since very long time We guarantee that you will not get ban after trade with us and all your nicknames/perosnal date will be only our secret DISCOUNTS FOR REGULAR CUSTOMERS -It's not our first or last server, we will be on most popular servers. Trust us and become our regular customer and we in thanks will give you discounts/bonus :) PAYMENT METHOD this moment we accept only Paypal transfer (as gift/ family and friends option). Other payment methods will be added soon CONTACT SKYPE: E-ITEMZ.COM
  14. Dear players! I sell adena on many lineage2 servers (for example): -evoke -l2mid -rpg-club -averia -asima -lineage.ru -playdefo -tales - many more ;) Can't you find your server in the list? Write to me, I will make adena to you on every l2server;) Why me?: - I don't use any bots or 3rd programs (adena is made legaly) - fast delivery to customer - I'm trusted seller, a lot of people buys from me and contact: - PM forum - skype: theone22401 - email: theone2240@gmail.com
  15. As topic says i wtb fast one of this chars Transaction paypal
  16. Hello WTS adena on Union x5 GF RPG-Club add me on skype Zintax4 Adena price 15 euro/500.000.000(500kk) (3e=100kk) 4 euro/100.000.000(100kk) Stock 0kkk+ >>> Add me on skype Zintax4 <<< Paypal My old threads: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/171763-wts-adena-wrath-x5-l2dex-lineagero http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/175456-wts-adena-averiaws-x7-cheap-1bil8e http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/178247-wts-adena-arion-x5l2dexdefolineageru-4e100kk
  17. Hello! The next server I am selling adena is RPG-club 5x gracia final. Price: 1,7 €/10kk or 15 €/100kk If you need adena let me know here on forum or skype:bazinga110 Payment method:Paypal PS:Still have some adena on l2evoke and l2dex -Lionna if you are interested. Have a great game!
  18. Want to do something else fun while farming in L2? You are in right place! HELLO, I'm selling bot for rpg-club you can't buy this from anyone, but from me! ADD me on skype: ITZMABO or ICQ:665499059 just click Accept ONLY Here you can see my feedback: ===== lineage 2 bot lineage ii bot lineage li bot Lineage 2 бот
  19. WTB Chars Itens Adena RPG 7x Federation PM with info and price
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