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  1. Hello Rootware, do you know how to change it on interlude client? I tried to change it but it doesn't work.
  2. I've found this on ChatWnd.HandleChatMessage function HandleChatmessage( String param ) { local int nTmp; local EChatType type; local ESystemMsgType systemType; local string text; local Color color; ParseInt(param, "Type", nTmp); type = EChatType(nTmp); ParseString(param, "Msg", text); ParseInt(param, "ColorR", nTmp); Color.R = nTmp; ParseInt(param, "ColorG", nTmp); Color.G = nTmp; ParseInt(param, "ColorB", nTmp); Color.B = nTmp; color.A = 255; if( type == CHAT_SYSTEM ) { ParseInt(param, "SysType", nTmp); systemType = ESystemMsgType(nTmp); } else { systemType = SYSTEM_NONE; } if( CheckFilter( type, CHAT_WINDOW_NORMAL, systemType ) ) NormalChat.AddString( text, color ); if( CheckFilter( type, CHAT_WINDOW_PARTY, systemType ) ) PartyChat.AddString( text, color ); if( CheckFilter( type, CHAT_WINDOW_CLAN, systemType ) ) ClanChat.AddString( text, color ); if( CheckFilter( type, CHAT_WINDOW_TRADE, systemType ) ) TradeChat.AddString( text, color ); if( CheckFilter( type, CHAT_WINDOW_ALLY, systemType) ) AllyChat.AddString( text, color ); if( CheckFilter( type, CHAT_WINDOW_SYSTEM, systemType ) ) SystemMsg.AddString( text, color ); //Union Commander Message if ( type == CHAT_COMMANDER_CHAT && m_NoUnionCommanderMessage == 0 ) { ShowUnionCommanderMessgage( text ); } if ( type == CHAT_CRITICAL_ANNOUNCE) { Color.G = 115; } } I tried adding if ( type == CHAT_CRITICAL_ANNOUNCE) but its not working. Can anyone help pls?
  3. I have found this on source code try { if(pUser->pSD->vipLevel && wTxt[0] == L'^') { if(pUser->stopSayTick == 0) { VIPInfo vipInfo = g_VIPSystem.GetInfo(pUser->pSD->vipLevel); if(vipInfo.specialChat && pUser->pED->vipChatTimestamp < GetTickCount()) { pUser->pED->vipChatTimestamp = GetTickCount() + vipInfo.chatDelay; WCHAR wMsg[4096] = { 0 }; if(swprintf(wMsg, 4090, L"%s: %s", pUser->pSD->wszName, &wTxt[1]) > 0) { char buff[8190]; int len = Assemble(buff, 8190, "cddSS", 0x4A, 0, 18, L"VIP", wMsg); L2Server::BroadcastToAllUser(len, buff); } unguard; return false; }else { unguard; return false; } }else { pSocket->SendSystemMessage(147); //chatting is prohibited unguard; return false; } } is the color coming from here or is it client side?
  4. Hi everyone, does anyone know how to change VIP chat color on vangath l2off interlude extender? its currently using blue color, same as //critannounce color and I would like to change it to yellow.
  5. does anyone know how to change VIP chat color? its currently using blue, same as announcements and its messing everything.
  6. I can't find it, thank you for your help tho!
  7. are you using the interlude version? Because mine is not showing chatChanel tab.
  8. am I using the wrong xdat editor version? I don't see chatChanel, I can see only windows, shortcuts and etc
  9. I want to change the color from blue to yellow, is say2 located in interface.u?
  10. Hello everyone, I've spent a lot of time searching in this forum and trying it myself using UT Package Tool, but I can't seem to find which file or line is responsible to display this announce color ingame. Can anyone help? I forgot to mention, I'm using interlude client
  11. Adena on skelth server 0.7e = 1kk paypal only, pm me