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  1. https://cloud.mail.ru/public/2HxZ/5EqMTUejf
  2. can you pm me? I need your developer services but I can't pm you and also check your skype pls
  3. Hello Rootware, do you know how to change it on interlude client? I tried to change it but it doesn't work.
  4. I've found this on ChatWnd.HandleChatMessage function HandleChatmessage( String param ) { local int nTmp; local EChatType type; local ESystemMsgType systemType; local string text; local Color color; ParseInt(param, "Type", nTmp); type = EChatType(nTmp); ParseString(param, "Msg", text); ParseInt(param, "ColorR", nTmp); Color.R = nTmp; ParseInt(param, "ColorG", nTmp); Color.G = nTmp; ParseInt(param, "ColorB", nTmp); Color.B = nTmp; color.A = 255; if( type == CHAT_SYSTEM ) { ParseInt(param, "SysType", nTmp); systemType = ESystemMsgType(nTmp); } else {
  5. I have found this on source code try { if(pUser->pSD->vipLevel && wTxt[0] == L'^') { if(pUser->stopSayTick == 0) { VIPInfo vipInfo = g_VIPSystem.GetInfo(pUser->pSD->vipLevel); if(vipInfo.specialChat && pUser->pED->vipChatTimestamp < GetTickCount()) { pUser->pED->vipChatTimestamp = GetTickCount() + vipInfo.chatDelay; WCHAR wMsg[4096] = { 0 }; if(swprintf(wMsg, 4090, L"%s: %s", pUser->pSD->wszName, &wTxt[1]) > 0) { char buff[8190]; int len = Assemble(buff, 8
  6. Hi everyone, does anyone know how to change VIP chat color on vangath l2off interlude extender? its currently using blue color, same as //critannounce color and I would like to change it to yellow.
  7. does anyone know how to change VIP chat color? its currently using blue, same as announcements and its messing everything.
  8. I can't find it, thank you for your help tho!
  9. are you using the interlude version? Because mine is not showing chatChanel tab.
  10. am I using the wrong xdat editor version? I don't see chatChanel, I can see only windows, shortcuts and etc
  11. I want to change the color from blue to yellow, is say2 located in interface.u?
  12. Hello everyone, I've spent a lot of time searching in this forum and trying it myself using UT Package Tool, but I can't seem to find which file or line is responsible to display this announce color ingame. Can anyone help? I forgot to mention, I'm using interlude client