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  1. Everything run fast. I was your middleman. It will be nice to work with you again. Topic locked!
  2. Good luck with your server! Edit: You have to add also a prefix (l2j, l2off etc)
  3. Good luck with your project!
  4. Welcome WPLegends to MxC!
  5. You need 10 posts in order to be able to post in Trade section.
  6. We have to do something in order to protect MxC members from scammers. Also, I agree with Trance.
  7. Yeap. Actually I was talking about the age of the players.
  8. It was the game of 90s. It was all about the feeling of playing Lineage, the experience, the battles, the friendships and this little thing that keep your mind thinking what you have to do to become stronger. If you remember it was a battle between WoW and L2. Nowadays, the same feeling exist but it is not pure. Think about games like LoL and Fortnite.... it is not the same. After all there are thousands game apps with which you spare your free time because our life is faster and faster. I would consider playing again in an active server only if the (number) population is guaranteed and the whole project was really attractive with future plans.