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  1. WTB Valakas please send me price private msg
  2. if you say so. read the progress of the project first. this project has more than 1 year of development . and the code claw ceased to exist in this from the rev 4.0. The current review is R9.5 . , A project in constant development and updating . H5 version is 75% / 100 % to be ready. and announce its launch .
  3. I have no problem if someone wants to use this pack . I give you something different. you are a child or rat I do this on purpose ? Pd: Updating Main Post.
  4. Updatging Rev: 9.5 (10 Datapack) ChangeLogs 8.0 to 9.5 Add: Capture & Dominating Zone Capture & Dominating Castle Events: TvT/CtF/CTC/1v1/2v2/RaidInTheMidle Add Npcs Add New Craft System and Drop Add Protection to feed Add Weapon/Armor/Jewells to create character(depend of race) Add Enable Faction System in Config Files: GvE or RvB Removed: Old System Guard Misc Codes. Fixed: Fix Overflow to enterworld. Fix Guard (Run Perfect) Fix Zones Yes. View more info in personal message. https://www.facebook.com/Lineage2GvE/ Updating Actual r9.5Capture & Dominating Zone Capture & Dominating Zone
  5. i have the perfect for your! talkme in skype: facebook:paul.emilio.90
  6. Have 5 options, please contact in PM to get our skype Id or facebook.
  7. UpDating: New Domain & hostgator (WebInConstruction) http://l2jfaction.ml Remember check our fangpage.http://fb.me/l2jfaction
  8. Yes. i'm waiting finish the rev 6.0 to upload the pictures of project. Very Thanks for your blessing.
  9. You must declare the instance (ej: L2Protector ) and then add L2ProtectorInstance = guard; <- ej guard.getAI().setIntention(CtrlIntention.ATTACK, player); Its a example.
  10. jajajajaja. ............ paste the log of console eclipse.