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  1. Hello i finde this for High five server- Source FandC Dragon Valley Full Rework - Retail Like Respawned whole DV mob by mob, clean and with no mobs in walls. Added correct stats based on rpg club h5. Added all resists to mobs, on most packs dv mobs doesnt even have correct resists like for example L2Tales. Added all passive active skills for mobs. Added AI for Batwing Drake Added AI for Emerald Drake Added DV Retail Event with Magma Drakes, wich drop bews beas, that group on the screenshot, Added AI for Drakos Hunter/Warrior, onhit function
  2. I find the same! but only for freya!
  3. Update: Daily Rewards are added on server!
  4. Thanks you! When I have a reputation I will give my positive point! Thank you. About VDS have any opinions? Because I am in the dilemma between hyperfilter and stromwall vds already with protection included
  5. And another question with 60 70 mbps, how many users can play simultaneously?
  6. @Nigtw0lf https://stormwall.pro/en/servers/vds_highload.php?utm_source=Biggest-Web-Hosting-Directory&utm_medium=Listed-on-WHTop.com&utm_campaign=WHTop.com&utm_term=ItsFree your opinion about this ? VDS ... 24 gb ram Intel Xeon E5-2660v3
  7. ok thanks.I am seeing that many use stromwall. currently l2pandora-lionna was all of those.
  8. What is the best option? when it comes to opening a server and being safe against ddos attacks. Hyperfilter or Stormwall? Hyperfilter:Intel Xeon E3-1240v3 8x 3.4GHZ Stromwall: + dedicated SW-64-1240v6-2 Intel Xeon E3 1240v6 Which option is better.???? Thanks
  9. Lineage 2 Skyline Grand Open 12/9 We understand that currently there are several servers out there that only seek to fill their pockets and open a chain of servers; however, we are a totally new server and have started this journey to differentiate ourselves from the rest. We are a completely different project and while it is easy to say it with words, we are here to demonstrate through our server that we are different from the rest and to start a change. We are aware that we may be attacked in every possible way to prevent our project from growing and expanding, but we have the nece
  10. Be very careful with professionals like AVE! They offer good logos among other things. We buy one of your designs. We have been waiting for 15 days, it does not even connect, it does not respond. We have already initiated a demand for paypal and we are going to spray it everywhere https://www.deviantart.com/mrave20