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  1. I repeat, project essence is not fabio 🙂
  2. ProjectEssence is not Fabio 😉 It is innadril. L2jorg was based on mobius, but a long time ago, core and all network has been redo. So it doesnt even look like it anymore.
  3. Project has been updated with new branches ! Essence 311 Frost Lord protocol Classic 311 Herald of Light protocol ! Regards,
  4. Update of the post, now support 306 protocol and Essence Sylph !
  5. You are right. We did a mistake ! And only stupid people does not change their mind 🙂 So after some time and community feedback we have decided to do some changes. Project will become open source again as it has to be. This is what we wanted the most. I have updated my post.
  6. Hello, Some updates about the project ! Compile releases are available on github https://github.com/JoeAlisson/L2jOrg We have a test server to test the source. Project will soon be open source again, to grow the community ! And work all together.
  7. Hello ! Based on L2JORG, we created a new server classic kamael Dawn of Heroes. Currently the server is in alpha test, soon beta test. We try to respect retail. And avoid mass donation... Come and discuss the project, rates etc on discord ! https://discord.gg/H6TqtWRzSP Features Low/ Mid rates Full implementation of AI (varkas, ketra, alligator, mirrors, giant cave) Full instances Working New olympiad System New siege UI Custom community board Auction House Lcoin shop Vip system Ranking system Regards,
  8. Hello to everyone, The idea is to have a usable and stable Classic project, and best of all: open source! Discord https://discord.com/invite/UfPf2XZ About the project: At the beginning, the project was only for testing personal implementations, basically to keep myself updated with Java due to the adopted semiannual update policy. The project has been active for about a year, with daily updates. There are 3 direct collaborators in the project, and a few more indirect ones. Today we are supporting protocol 272 and 286 (not stable yet), the current version of NA servers. REQUIREMENTS: Java 16 MySql 8 Client protocol (Classic 272 / 286 / 306 / 311) (Essence EU 306 Sylph and new Frost Lord 311) Features Open source project under GPL 3 license; Available at https://github.com/L2jOrg/L2jOrg Daily updates, Monthly Releases L2 classic kamael protocol 272 / 286 / 306 / 311 L2 Essence 306 and 311 All AI working according to classic kamael patch notes (Giant cave, ketra, varkas, TOI, limited hunting zone, LOA, DV, Alligator Island, Call Of spirits) All quests working according to classic kamael Datapack up to date to kamael classic, skills, npcs, areas L coin shop and store up to date Custom community board with buffer, donation shop and gm shop available Imperial Tomb, Elemental Bosses Ability points Retail VIP system Retail rank system Retail Revenge system Retail dimensional merchant Come and test on our test server ! Community participation is essential for the development of any project. I know that many people, even today, have a somewhat disturbed view of open source projects, so I will list some projects as a reference that an open source project can be as good or better than a private project: Java https://github.com/openjdk; MySql https://github.com/mysql; Hirakicp https://github.com/brettwooldridge/HikariCP; EhCache https://github.com/ehcache/ehcache3; Log4J https://github.com/apache/logging-log4j2; and last but not least: async-mmocore https://github.com/JoeAlisson/async-mmocore Of course there are many other relevant ones, but I restrict myself to listing projects that are used as a dependency on the L2j ORG. Client Download Client (272 protocol) Download client (286 protocol not stable yet) Releases https://github.com/L2jOrg/L2jOrg Regards,
  9. Nice using other ppl free source. https://github.com/JoeAlisson/L2jOrg Please ban this user for using a free source and selling it
  10. Hello, I'm looking for someone to make a partnership for a L2 classic project. I'm a developper and looking for someone with some money to invest in the project. Do not hesitate to contact me ! Regards,
  11. hi, i have a problem this is sources , my summon not follow me and the change mode mouvement not change the problem , can you help me plz ? thx you . Edit: resolved problem : "GM invisible disable "
  12. JaparZo mp me if you want sell Adena plz , thx (Axxis Familly )
  13. come with friends and maybe we will have 300 players.
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