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  1. Hello to everyone, The idea is to have a usable and stable Classic project, and best of all: open source! Discord https://discord.com/invite/UfPf2XZ About the project: At the beginning, the project was only for testing personal implementations, basically to keep myself updated with Java due to the adopted semiannual update policy. The project has been active for about a year, with daily updates. There are 3 direct collaborators in the project, and a few more indirect ones. Today we are supporting protocol 272 and 286 (not stable yet), the cu
  2. Nice using other ppl free source. https://github.com/JoeAlisson/L2jOrg Please ban this user for using a free source and selling it
  3. Hello, I'm looking for someone to make a partnership for a L2 classic project. I'm a developper and looking for someone with some money to invest in the project. Do not hesitate to contact me ! Regards,
  4. hi, i have a problem this is sources , my summon not follow me and the change mode mouvement not change the problem , can you help me plz ? thx you . Edit: resolved problem : "GM invisible disable "
  5. JaparZo mp me if you want sell Adena plz , thx (Axxis Familly )
  6. come with friends and maybe we will have 300 players.
  7. there are 2 serv, the internationnal one is the *25 with 90 players on now.
  8. for the moment 80, we will continue advertise and we hope ppl will bring more players .
  9. you are in the wrong server arturo^^ you are in origin
  10. site is up : http://lineage2-omega.com
  11. 6 hours before the opening. Omega Staff.
  12. We fix it, we working on the geodata, it work perfectly now.
  13. yes we fix everything :) , the server has now lot of exclusives functions made by omega staff.
  14. We will discuss about it with the staff. Opening in one day !