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  1. follower_of_frintessa_m00 ----> Atk01_2HS with wings follower_of_frintessa_m00 ----> Atk01_1HS without wings
  4. With "L2PE" you can change the radius and height of collision to use the effects on other NPCs.
  5. the problem is the shadow of the NPC then disable the "bActorShadows" property, now you should have no problems
  6. try: change "AttachToBone(LeftEmitter, 'bone');" for "LeftEmitter.SetBase(self);"
  7. try: change "AttachToBone(LeftEmitter, 'bone');" for "LeftEmitter.SetBase(self);" wrong section sorry
  8. it's from an old Freya server, you just need to adapt the lines system freya!2ppyTZAB!DuOr32KQJQzzrxS8b7AcPFIqt-K7WMT5xDeb7bNhjKk
  9. we can help you if you show your files. you can rename .utx to .u and past to ../system and delete this " name ="spriteemitter15" " or comment with "//" //name ="spriteemitter15"
  10. nice work with that you save your maus xD
  11. i don't know if it's complete
  12. (preview) Not relevant: download:
  13. here scripts from Hi5 guide create skills