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  1. Does anyone have the abnormal effects list from 1 to 69 (client side , with effect names ) ty
  2. i checked tons of effects, cant find it, so maybe rootware is right and they just changed the current effect to new one, while leaving the same effect name, still they usualy add new effects and remove old, they don t keep deprecated things.
  3. i mean what name inside .u file, there are over 10 000 effects, i searched many containing shock none is this
  4. Hello, Anybody knows the name of this effect in the effects .u file? It s some kind of stun
  5. WTB Characters, awakened, no items needed only skills learned, many classes.
  6. Hello, Does anyone has a good guide to compiled l2j with eclipse and subversion? i cannot make it work for the life of me, i have no ant built when i right click on build.xml, this is the 3rd eclipse i try, what the hell thank you all the guides i found have missing pictures, completly useless. i use tortoise svn not git, so i need svn
  7. Selling the following domain names: www.L2Underground.com 100 us www.Lineage2Helios.com 100 us www.L2helios.com 100 us www.Lineage2Top.com 200 us
  8. Hello, I try to add worldmap texture in game, but when i use low details, it always looks muddy, how can i make it look always sharp no matter the game detail? I use unreal edit, i import a tga file, i tried with generate mip maps and without, compression dxt 1, 3 also, size is 1024x1024 what am i doing wrong?
  9. ty but in my protocol teleport.dat does not exist. i guess not possible and is done engine wise
  10. hello, i found a strange building on a map 22_23 , but i cannot find it at staticmeshes list, any ideea what static mesh is or where it belongs to? https://gyazo.com/f03a99f8a0e4c53a42f334a15462bb26
  11. ty so much , i dont know how the hell i missed it, i looked like 2 times any idea if anyone has the html?
  12. hello I was looking in many systextures i can t find the textures used in teleport meny, any ideea where this is stored or made?
  13. ty for ur reply, i dont get notifications. The thing is it happens only with a class: ertheia, not with others, so it cannot be in additionalaeffect.grp