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  1. anyone can help with this? i have no idea how to edit regex, i googled but still... wth
  2. Hello, Anyone knows how to add a clickable link to the announcements on l2j server ? (l2-scripts)
  3. ANyone knows how does this work? the contents of the file are very weird and make no sense (?iu)\b[е3]?[6бпм](л|ji)(я|иа|а|9i)\b (?iu)\b[6бпм](л|ji)(я|иа|9i)[дтц] (?iu)\b(о|при|на|по|за|не|до)?(\)\(|[хф])у[йияеё] (?iu)\b(о|при|на|по|за|не|до)?(\)\(|х)[е3и]р\b (?iu)\b(о|при|на|по|за|не|до)?(\)\(|х)[е3и]р(ов|н|а\b) (?iu)\b(не|на|по|при|от)?п[иеі]?[з3с]е?[дтц][иеуаё] (?iu)\b(при|про|пра|на|за|от[ьъ]?|с[ьъ]?|под[ьъ]?|по|не|ни|до|вы|[дт][ао]л[бп][ао]|зло)?([еиё]|йо|ї|є)[б6][аоиуеё]?[лнртц] (?iu)\bпид[ао]р (?iu)\b(мудак|mudak|mydak) (?iu)\b(fuck|фак)\b (?iu)\bсц?ук[ао]\b (?iu)\bsc?[uy]k[ao]\b (?iu)\bnaxyu\b (?iu)\bх[yYуУ]й\b (?iu)\bmylat'\b (?iu)\bpoxyu\b (?iu)\bxyu\b (?iu)\bppc\b
  4. i guess can delete topic, this went totally off topic.
  5. why is the lambo of l2 though for you guys ? does it bring more traffic? it does not look better then many other top sites to be honest, so why is the lambo of l2 vote sites? it s not even on the 1st spot in google,. Just because it s old does not make it better then many newer ones. top100 is older as many others. ALso, l2 has lowest player base in years, so i see no justification in making things more difficult for already burdened owners. Again, i see no justification for their price, except they ll make other top sites increase their prices because they ll think server owners will pay them anyways. It s just simply greed in my oppinion, and 0 care. Again, i have nothing against them, i would ve made this topic if some other big vote site would ve done the same.
  6. Hello, First of all i m not against hopzone, it was my favorite top site, but i think i can t simply not afford them anymore. Since this year, https://l2.hopzone.net/ doubled or tripled their prices. A premium for a month was 15 eur before, now it s 30+ , or with frame more. The left banners are 100 euro for 15 days, and so on. I was their customer for 12 years , till this year. No other vote website is so expensive, and they should know this also. I dont know if it s worth it more or less then other top sites , if they bring more players or not, but i can see that most banners are not taken allready , most people are not willing to pay this much, so i suggest boycotting them, so they understand that us, their clients are not dumb to pay whatever they ask. Of course everyone does as it pleases, and the rich servers out there will continue paying them whatever they want (alltough they are the owners or friends with owners of l2dex and same few servers are in top for a decade), i don t care, i just feel they are shameless in this regard. ALso they threated me as shit when i asked them why the paypalbutton isnt even working on their site at premium to buy "tokens". I guess it s bye hopzone from me for a good time. Keep swallowing prices, just because you are rich does not mean other people are too, and are willing to pay whatever u ask for virtually nothing. https://gyazo.com/ca44a4a781bb1fe76075c64388922588
  7. yeah i see, no ligthing also, no geodata neither and bad skies. still , it s free from a seller with huge prices, so it s admirable.
  8. your image host is marked as malware infested website, be aware.
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