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  1. Hello, I am looking for someone who can adapt essence interface to client prot 28.
  2. Hello, This bug happens with client when someone minimizes game from full screen, randomly i think, i did not manage to find the issue, but i am willing to pay if anyone can fix this issue. Using alt+shift+r is the only solution that works, basically it disables the minimap. using
  3. cant find package core error using cm unreal 3 engine editor
  4. Hello, I am trying to create NPC s again, but for some reason i cannot import at sounds tab WAV sound files. After i click import, i write a name for package, group and the name of wav file, click ok and it does now show in editor. Please help ty
  5. Hello, Long ago when GOD Awakening was released there was a world statistic panel, and each end of the month, a statue that looked like the player was spawned on certain locations in game. Any client modder can tell me what exactly was removed from the client, or how the hell were the static meshes created that looked like the player?
  6. oh, so you can use l2smr because the effect itself has the static mesh in it... got it now, you are awesome serj ty!
  7. i want to add the shop rotating symbol to some locations on a map, , how can i add emitters to a map without using l2editor?
  8. i was thinking how to add a movie in lobby like new lobbies
  9. is this a picture in the background or animated?
  10. i d like to know about AiTaskManagers what value should they be, and what impact does a higher value has on the server, what is the positive of increasing value or leaving it at 1 ?
  11. Hi i need decrypted skillgrp.dat if anyone can would be awesome, isprotocol 306, i included additional file needed https://gofile.io/d/V7S2G7
  12. does it have beast lighting or you used l2editor which removes it? would be groundbreaking if beast lighting was present