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  1. yeah i see, no ligthing also, no geodata neither and bad skies. still , it s free from a seller with huge prices, so it s admirable.
  2. your image host is marked as malware infested website, be aware.
  3. hello, i would need skillname-e.dat and armorgrp.dat if possible to decrypt from protocol 311, if someone could help would be great, ty https://gofile.io/d/J7NRPT
  4. WTB Storm Isle with geodata for 50 usd , working for god chronicle , protocol 2x
  5. best map dev by far, too bad most of us us can afford it ...
  6. the issue is how to disable cloak of using the default simulation, if in dat the ukx is set as cloak then by default it will use animation of simulation, instead of the animation attached. in korea they solved it somehow, i just dont get it how, i think it s a variable in dat or engine that tells game to use default animation or not (additional item .dat but does not seem to work)> i also think my editor does not save the mesh correctly.... we could do amazing things with cloak if we d figure out this. (and no , i think simulation not needed edited, i use korean client simulation uix file and result is same for cloak) i think you are wrong , my friend. I checked new korean client, they use animated cloak with their own psa animation, instead of simulation. I also took their mkamaelsimulation.uix file and pasted in mine (ad00 is the file name anyways) , and the result was the same, i also checked in korean client they the cloak uses ukx 1 + 1 texture , not like cloaks with simulation. The thing is HOW to tell engine to not use simulation if in armorgrp is set to as cloak (client 4games, and eu also does thsi already)
  7. Hello, ANyone knows how we can create animations for cloaks, like animated wings as armor parts? i tried everything, i save rigidize as msm_smooth, but it seems the game always uses the default wing animation for kamael class in this exemple... my question is how can i make a cloak or a wing to use it s own animation from linked animation in mesh ? i use god chronicle, also the kamael wing has animation so it must be possible, also the cloak of kamaels have animation ...
  8. Hello, I am looking for someone who can adapt essence interface to client prot 28.
  9. Hello, This bug happens with client when someone minimizes game from full screen, randomly i think, i did not manage to find the issue, but i am willing to pay if anyone can fix this issue. Using alt+shift+r is the only solution that works, basically it disables the minimap. using