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  1. u can't use interlude client here unless you fully rewrite packetwork back. It is pointless anyway since you'll have to port content from freya to il client.
  2. Download apache ant itself and put it somewhere (e.g. "C:/ant/") Then go to windows Environment Variables, in system variables edit "Path". Put there ";C:\ant\bin" Then use bat file or eclipse to build with ant.
  3. jdk8 update 181. I use .bat file to build with ant.
  4. It is an interlude server which uses newer client.
  5. Rev132b Patch works for both freya & hf5 clients
  6. Buggy as hell on H5 if character uses dance of shadows or stealth.
  7. you need to register gameserver to database, there should be a bat file in ls folder. Then rename file hexide(server).txt to hexid.txt and put it into config folder. Server itself uses java 8/mysql 5.6
  8. My bad didn't notice. Should have been this link
  9. You mean client? If system gives no error then probably yes. checked. HF5 client works if use my system. But you have to use freya mappack(unr) since red rain is everywhere.
  10. Well where to start... I've taken aCis 374 as a base and tried to develop it further. I wanted make some customs first, but after my every move the core told me that it had highest priority. So core took 1st priority, and customs gone to second place. I fixed it over and over. After half year of fixing the core it became obvious that I can't cure it ever. I've decided to quit the scene so this is the result of my work. TONS of bugs were fixed, datapack is mostly fixed(TON of work there too), some things replced (spawn system for example). A lot of AI work to make monsters at least
  11. Man if I ever want to play Path of Exile, I'll go play Path of Exile... You get things too complicated.