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  1. New version is about archers who use item mall alien blasters to deal you 5kk damage
  2. Guys did anyone build these sources? I generate libs and get an exe but it is failure not working.
  3. You'd better write this first so people won't waste time reading the description.
  4. fixed already player.java // Schedule a paralyzed task to wait for the animation to finish ThreadPool.schedule(() -> setIsParalyzed(false), (int) (120 / getStat().getMovementSpeedMultiplier()));
  5. Most of the players are paid clans and adena sellers garbage who know nothing about the game and don't give a shit about it. The only thing that matters for them is money. There are some true players who still want to just play the game but <100 of them at most worldwide I guess.
  6. I think there are no good open source projects for live interlude server. As for compiled builds, pain-team should do the trick.
  7. Not only Zaken. Valakas in just a placeholder, as well as Antharas malfunctioning. Their stats need to be changed to retail too.
  8. Well it just says "You haven't access to SVN / Timeline." Maybe I misunderstood this one.
  9. I'm a developer, but a weak one. You've said on your own site that you don't accept any commits. You say you're focusing on gameplay implementation, that's true. But after 9 years of development core mechanics are still broken? really? It is not like i'm whining on anyone but its just a sad thing. And I'm not one of these freaks who call themselves "server admins". I'm only interested in improving packs, not in getting $$$ every week by selling runes and valakas wings.
  10. I know it will end with a failure for sure. I'm not a senior developer to be able to fix every wrong thing I see. I'm able to make only minor fixes. All projects novadays are focusing on trash pew-pew board&donate addons instead of making a proper gameplay replica. I can understand why they can't make a good C5-Interlude realization but they have pure C1 and C4 servers in free access. None of the packs has a good-working C1 mechanics. When you enter the server you just say "ah, another L2JmegaPremiumTeamBanana server". I want at least to have doubts "Is that an emualtor or not?" for first couple hours of gameplay. So it is not just about you, but about whole community itself. p.s. Reparse the spawnlist. It got double mobs count for years...
  11. The one where summons leave you in combat state for 10 minutes and pvp attack breaks after 3 hits? Nice offer. Even basic things from 2008 simply don't work and most of your doing is renaming folders&classes. Even 389 rev is broken. What's the point in adding quests and clanhalls if the game basic mechanics just don't work? They're from C1 times, man. And you're making this pack for freakin' nine years...
  12. Is it possible to fix monsters pathfinding on acis without upgrading to latest rev? Monsters are stucking like hell on the first turn. I've tried to disable stop task but they're still STUCK! Like Cicero with his cart!
  13. Helios isn't a good choice cause there are not much examples of realization. Grand Crusade is last client we have a lot info about but its hard to upgrade an existing server pack to 109 protocol cause it uses dynamic mask packets. I recommend using Lindvior 531 protocol.
  14. https://pastebin.com/7m0RM10c Be sure you deleted all monsters who are already there before using this.