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  1. you need to register gameserver to database, there should be a bat file in ls folder. Then rename file hexide(server).txt to hexid.txt and put it into config folder. Server itself uses java 8/mysql 5.6
  2. My bad didn't notice. Should have been this link
  3. You mean client? If system gives no error then probably yes. checked. HF5 client works if use my system. But you have to use freya mappack(unr) since red rain is everywhere.
  4. Well where to start... I've taken aCis 374 as a base and tried to develop it further. I wanted make some customs first, but after my every move the core told me that it had highest priority. So core took 1st priority, and customs gone to second place. I fixed it over and over. After half year of fixing the core it became obvious that I can't cure it ever. I've decided to quit the scene so this is the result of my work. TONS of bugs were fixed, datapack is mostly fixed(TON of work there too), some things replced (spawn system for example). A lot of AI work to make monsters at least pretend to behave that they're real. Changelog can easily go over 1000 lines, or 9000 if we include datapack ;)) Popular customs like premium, vote systems or sub stack are no present here, this is not what this pack is about. You have an offline trade system+stock buffer(actually i've got a more lore-friendly one with 50009 ID) and that's all. However you can simply grab them from L2EOLA pack since code should be highly compatible. From my point of view, it is the most playable free interlude pack right now. Because for me smooth gameplay takes top priority. Others are more interested in adding tons of jedi swords, ponystriders, crocodile hats etc... Aside this is a heavy custom pack too, so here is description. First, you have to use Freya NA client (216 protocol) to play. Throw that outdated interlude garbage client with their admins into abyss. Packet work are done the way to make you a comfortable gameplay. Not used packets are not implemented. You can shift+click items and dispel buffs. Second, some new skills, quests, territories and gears were added. You can find more info under the spoiler. Enlarge the image. This is rev131&system after 6 months of development. http://www.mediafire.com/file/xmcdt1w3cyrxw4t/Rhongominyad_rev131.rar/file GL&HF. Hope my work will be useful for someone.
  5. Man if I ever want to play Path of Exile, I'll go play Path of Exile... You get things too complicated.
  6. New version is about archers who use item mall alien blasters to deal you 5kk damage
  7. Guys did anyone build these sources? I generate libs and get an exe but it is failure not working.
  8. You'd better write this first so people won't waste time reading the description.
  9. fixed already player.java // Schedule a paralyzed task to wait for the animation to finish ThreadPool.schedule(() -> setIsParalyzed(false), (int) (120 / getStat().getMovementSpeedMultiplier()));
  10. Most of the players are paid clans and adena sellers garbage who know nothing about the game and don't give a shit about it. The only thing that matters for them is money. There are some true players who still want to just play the game but <100 of them at most worldwide I guess.
  11. I think there are no good open source projects for live interlude server. As for compiled builds, pain-team should do the trick.
  12. Not only Zaken. Valakas in just a placeholder, as well as Antharas malfunctioning. Their stats need to be changed to retail too.
  13. Well it just says "You haven't access to SVN / Timeline." Maybe I misunderstood this one.