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  1. Most of such servers are playable only within their admin's dead drugged brain. They're not improving the game but making it rely more on donations, premiums, VIPs, runes, etc. All these "remastered" are just marketing terms used to sell another garbage server to folks.
  2. Demev is using volond1's editor which saves tintmap & renders light correctly. All you have to do is to place damn assets and build the map. Actually you don't even need it with isle-type maps - shared prelude/interlude editor will be enough. Yeah you just paint the heightmap, put texture layers onto it and place some csg brushes/static meshes. If you know which buttons to press it won't take long.
  3. Fun fact5: creating such a map consumes 3-6 hours including pauses to drink beer. L2j server creation may take a lot of time ;)
  4. For games like CSGO e-sport is pre-designed part of the game where best ones try to make money. L2 never had offical events with real money involved which means $$$ should have never been part of game ecosystem.
  5. They're not rental players and don't sell anything which means they're playing the game as it was intended. They're just extremely good at it, that's all. Take for example an admin putting a real 10000$ bounty for taking Aden castle every siege. That would be the case of these players you're talking about.
  6. There are 0.01% of players who actually get money from it. Also you have shady market there with high rank accounts selling, boosting etc. It isn't that popular but it is there. In L2 sellers percentage is higher than people who just play the game.
  7. There are not enough players nowadays. By players I mean real players, not paid clans, adena sellers, botters etc. Typical project live cycle : Huge opening -> people farming adena to sell -> adena becomes cheaper, paid clan rent ends -> everybody say "server is dead go to next one!"
  8. Depends on which server it is. I know a ru server which lasts for 14 years with no wipes.
  9. AA=No bots. SG is just an out of season April's Fool joke. Both are spyware though.
  10. I've had an adapted xml polygon spawn system in my acis source. Polygons should be redone in some zones though to avoid out-of-bounds spawning. Ofc this approach is better than sql garbage with over9k hardcoded values.
  11. Depend on how much custom data is loaded. Client crashes if more than 1.8GB ram is used.
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