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  1. No point in doing so since game uses directx so you can extract images directly from there.
  2. New zone with castelo. May be little glitchy on Interlude client.
  3. Download L2Editor from lordofdest. Just open gracia package and resave it. Done. There might be rotation issues though so you'll need to rotate meshes manually.
  4. https://files.catbox.moe/cdvtke.7z
  5. Just use H5 client with freya maps and fog/rain removers.
  6. Another One Piece chika col height 23.5 radius 9.5
  7. New npc radius=9.5 col height=22.0
  8. That's a rofl post. No actual server inside.
  9. Don't use it for movable icons since they'll be disappering when you drag them.
  10. try TGA then. Or import into original package again.
  11. Downgrade for Interlude. Be sure to change following settings to display properly: In l2.ini [ClippingRange] Terrain=14.0 In Option.ini [Video] TerrainClippingRange=12 [ClippingRange] Terrain=14.000000 If you change terrain distance setting or use alt+p you'll have to update your settings again.