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  1. Enabling auto-farm is definitely a postive for L2. First and foremost, it bridges the gap between an adrenaline user and a normal player (to an extent). I would even argue that - if used correctly - it could extend a server's lifespan. A lot of people get tired of grinding once the initial "rush" stage of a server ends. So they start logging into the game less, thus they are not in the open world as much. With auto-farm, sure they might occupy a farm spot while AFK, but eventually they're more than likely to come back and fight for their lost spot (after they've been killed by another player), opposed to never even bothering to be there in the first place without auto-farm. So in that sense it creates some form of engagement.
  2. The initiative to keep the community informed about bad projects is good. Of course, one concern is people with agendas, or people who have felt mistreated (even though it may very well be their own fault) not providing credible feedback. Unfortunately, we really don't have a truly impartial, independent platform where we can reach out to the wider L2 private community. Something created and managed by players, and players only. Similar in a sense to how "Lineage II Community" discord channel handles NCWest and Innova. That particular discord isn't actually run by NCWest or Innova, but by retail's own player-base. I'm saying this, because, quite simply, you wont get much visibility on this forum to actual players. Additionally, it cant truly be considered an impartial platform, as many of its respective members, are either server owners, or involved with the ownership in some capacity (via development, services, networking, etc). A lot of members here simply have an agenda, that's all. I mean, even in this very topic we had a server owner accuse another server owner, and we're only five pages in. Furthermore, MaxCheaters and its core-community thrives on many servers existing, because at the end of the day, even a bad server will contribute financially, in some capacity. I'm not criticizing in any way whatsoever, business is business, and that should be respected. But yeah, this forum isn't exactly a community driven by actual players, so I'm not sure this is the best platform to host and spread the word about "Bad/Good" servers.
  3. I understand what you're saying since L2Extreme was the only PVP server I really enjoyed. I cant stress enough how important its raid loop is, because the result of it was that you could login at 2 pm, 6 pm, 10 pm, and you'd probably get group PvP. Typical PvP servers that are "Farm Zone" oriented in order to get top gear simply lack action/competition. Even typical mid-rates are dead most of the day, and are only competitive during prime-time epic hours. Outside of epics? Boring. So Extreme's "Raid Loop" and RB farm gear monopoly provided a platform where competitive action was provided throughout the day. Other servers try to emulate this "Raid Loop" but either fail to calibrate a correct ratio between available RBs & respawn, and server population, or just screw up the donate list & timing so much that they fail miserably. That being said, going for something different isn't necessarily bad either. I have my reservations, of course, but we just have to wait and see what they came up with; perhaps we'll be pleasantly surprised again. Updating their files though was definitely a step in the right direction.
  4. Good mentality behind these features; right off the bat you can tell that you're putting a lot more effort than the typical PvP server we're all used to (maybe that's why you're getting DDOS'd by the losers). That being said, I'm a bit skeptical about the Olympiad and how Dynasty (Armors and SAs) & Custom Buffs will work in practice. I mean, I get it, you're trying to balance out the Olympiad on Interlude. Hopefully my scepticism is unwarranted and it works out well. Regardless, it's interesting so definitely worth trying. Another thing is that a bi-weekly Olympiad on a PvP oriented server in 2021 is a bit ambitious, but then again, why not, you're going for something different so perhaps these features can increase the lifespan of the server, overall. Either way, good luck with your project. Looks good.
  5. Yeah, I think they only take action when they see certain servers become too big, just like what happened with original Extreme back in the day. I mean, E-Global operates like a legit company nowadays, and their revenues were probably a bit too much for Innova to just overlook. Besides, the more the game declines, the less inclined they'll be to overlook the private scene in general, since they're probably looking at their own revenues and aren't quite happy. I don't think they care about old clients, with small communities. But if E-Global / Valhalla-Age didn't exist, some of these big clans would likely be on Innova servers. I mean, E-Global's "Rise side" was on Gran Kain for 5 years or so, now they're on E-Global.
  6. Yeah, same team runs those projects. They definitely have the largest piece of the pie, though, by far... I mean just DanielDefo on this E-Global probably dropped like 20k, easily, lol.
  7. Would have been interesting to learn just how much income these servers generate, combined, on a yearly basis. I mean just E-Global Masterwork and Valhalla-Age alone made mad money this year.
  8. So you're happy about the server supposedly not having adrenaline, yet you're actively trying to get your hands on adrenaline for it? 😄
  9. You guys are derailing the topic of this thread, which is whether you cosnider a server owner to be good or bad. Just agree to disagree lol. I mean, one of you seems to enjoy the server, while the other is dissatisfied by it. Alright, one can continue to play while the other can look for something better suited for him. Talking about social-bahavior from the player base of a server is completely irrelevant to the topic.
  10. Warland is a unique server in the sense that it has a very different mindset, and what it aims to accomplish compred to other servers in its segment (mid-rate Interlude). Whether you like it or not you have to recognize the following. -Very active Admin (most active I've personally seen) -Long term -Established player-base (has its own sense of community and followers) That's uncommon in the private scene nowadays, especially in the mid-rate segment (mana pots & npc buffs) where the main goal by most parties involved - the majority of the player-base and admin - is a quick game-play and to wrap it up and move on (player-base seeks new server, admin focuses on new "season"). We all have our preferences, so I'm not going to judge; I'm just saying that it's a good thing that a server like Warland exists that has a different mindset. As for the topic of this thread "Bad + Good server owners". Does Warland have a good owner? Yes, especially for its segment of "stock Interlude mana-pot server". Meanwhile, others will come and go, they will rename, rebrand, pay the player-base to join again and again, rinse and repeat over and over and over, yet Warland will still be there, doing its thing.
  11. ^This I've been playing e-global since it opened, and it's by far the best server I've seen in years, there's really no comparison. The team behind it took the liberty to reinvent the game, and they were successful in doing so. Other obvious benefit is that it's running on a modern client (classic), and you get 0 lag with literally 1000 people at the epic bosses. So yeah, as far as I'm concerned anything that doesn't run on classic, and is a "stock" chronicle - be it Interlude or High Five - is dead to me.
  12. 150 clans entire L2 community from all servers worldwide will join this great project known as L2 Elliot. Europe, Russia, NA, China, Japan, even the Koreans will join. North Koreans too.
  13. What's the name of What's the name of that interface? Any way one can get their hands on it? Edit: nvm found it. :D
  14. I've said this many times before and I'll keep saying it. Servers that are running on older chronicles should invest in auto-farm systems similar to that of L2Warland. This is the only way to bridge the gap (to an extent) between adrenaline users and non-users. It isn't really essential for this server, due to the fact that its economy is heavily dependant on the raid loop, but generally, it is. Anyhow, what I said about this server still stands. I don't see an effort to shuffle things up a bit, which is disappointing due to the fact that it has managed to attract a healthy population in previous "seasons" (for its nature, at least). With a small investment I think this project could be a lot more enjoyable, but that's just my opinion.
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