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  1. WTS -> SK (83, NO SOS SKILL) CARDINAL (83 Full sub +Nobles) EE (83 - 1 SUB) - WARCRYER (83) DOOMBRINGER (81) DUELIST (82) SHILLIEN SAINT (80) BD AND SWS (83). ALL with 3RD. You can talk to me in discord for more information. DISCORD: MatiasFL#9693
  2. WTF is that policy? BR is the third community in the entire world.
  3. I cant it make run with rev 369, somebody have it or can tell me why that doesnt run? About the post revival, im sorry.
  4. What did you expect? He dont have the fault that the people leave the server after 2 weeks, the game community is fck3d. He spend a lot of mooney on the proyect and he want make some gain on that, the business life works like that, and this game is not excluded. I played on the server, and yeah i can say that as an admin it is bad, not fix anything and he think that official server it is parameter about the balances of some classes (dagger and sum) when it really suck, but, he openned the server to make a gain, and he have all right to close or do wipe.
  5. Yeah, i saw it and after i read on his forum about that he will share the code to only servers registered on main page.
  6. Welcome to Lineage 2 Seal, grand opening on friday 10/may. Bienvenidos a Lineage 2 Seal, la gran apertura sera el Viernes 10 de mayo. Rates Experience: x30 Adena: x7 Drop: x7 Spoil: x7 General Feature # 24 buff slots (+4 divine inspiration) # 2 Hours buff time. # Enchant Safe +4 # Enchant Max +12 # Attribute Stone : 40 % # Attribute Crystal : 50 % # Buff : 2 Horas # Streaming reward: .stream # Epic PvP zones Web: Forum: Personaje: Macu