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  1. Great Share!! Where are the pp who come to talk garbage?
  2. You should check the bypass, if the html executes the correct xml.
  3. Te recomiendo utilizar el ingles para realizar tus post, incluso utilizando google traductor vas a obtener mas respuestas que en español. I recommend that you use the English language to do your questions.
  4. I dont use it. But, on the website you have guides, Check it http://l2helper.com/Spoofer/Howto
  5. What's the point of saying that to a person who wants to learn?
  6. Check this! http://l2helper.com/Spoofer?lang=en It's not free.
  7. WTS -> SK (83, NO SOS SKILL) CARDINAL (83 Full sub +Nobles) EE (83 - 1 SUB) - WARCRYER (83) DOOMBRINGER (81) DUELIST (82) SHILLIEN SAINT (80) BD AND SWS (83). ALL with 3RD.
  8. WTF is that policy? BR is the third community in the entire world.
  9. I cant it make run with rev 369, somebody have it or can tell me why that doesnt run? About the post revival, im sorry.
  10. What did you expect? He dont have the fault that the people leave the server after 2 weeks, the game community is fck3d. He spend a lot of mooney on the proyect and he want make some gain on that, the business life works like that, and this game is not excluded. I played on the server, and yeah i can say that as an admin it is bad, not fix anything and he think that official server it is parameter about the balances of some classes (dagger and sum) when it really suck, but, he openned the server to make a gain, and he have all right to close or do wipe.