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  1. I'll update the system without the jar, so that anyone can use it and adapt it
  2. You can do it Yourself, add a constant in you enum class, add some conditinals in your class controller following the line of the other sites, add attributes in your model class, edit your DAO class , edit your table voters.
  3. @Nightw0lfThanks for your warning, but now I would like you to tell me how its that a unique confirmation token per browsing client generated by the framework I use, could affect my site vulnerability ?
  4. Hello, as I had already mentioned in the discussion section, today I bring you a voting reward system. ** You can download it here**: Download Vote Reward System For those who don't understand how it works, later I upload a video explaining how it works.
  5. There are three modalities, these can work the same time if you decided enable them, the prizes can be configured from the .properties file, item-quantity, you can chosse give the prizes randomly from the items list with a defined quantity or give all that you show in the list, The buff reward can be claimed when you have voted on all sites only once every x hours, you can create one or several buffs, give them a reasonable duration and disappear only when they have completed their time, buff according to the race or class, once created you can add them to the buffs list in the .properties file
  6. Hi, today I bring to you a Vote system, this system have some characterictics that can fit your preferences, also wit some code lines, you could add other server (code + schema). In two days I'ill share the link so that all the people who have registered in the following link can download it for free. Currently only enabled for l2j acis but soon I'll adapt for other chronicles.