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  1. if you are using a current version of mysql you should use mysqli_connect function.
  2. Is a randomly generated code less efficient than an image? Now that I think about it, maybe you're right.
  3. Or just a captcha with randomly generated characters like I do :)
  4. Ho-ho-ho merry christmas. take the trouble to check my user interface, it is very easy to use.
  5. It seems to me that this is a concurrency error and it occurs when you take the same collection to make modifications to it at the same time from different methods, it could be solved by synchronizing the methods that at some point will take the same collection to work or in the particular case of MAPs declaring it as a concurrentHashMap in the latest java versions.
  6. working with aCis last revision but can work for 380 with some little changes, if need help, contact me on my discord. Fixes
  7. Cast to integer what you are sending, If you get an error like numberformatexception it means that what you are sending is not an integer.
  8. Hello MXC community, the reason for this post is to make you aware of my voting site:, relatively new, additionally add in this forum a voting system for several similar sites, I will be giving free assistance to those who have difficulties in integrating the code into their package, I receive suggestions, we are open to listen to them and thus give them a quality service :) :) You can contact me to my discord:
  9. Update for l2jfrozen 1.5 Update for L2JMobius Classic Interlude Update for L2JMobius Interlude
  10. I have created a code to reward for voting on several well-known sites. If someone has difficulty adding this code to their package, they can write to me at my discord I will adapt this code for l2jfrozen and l2jserver or for some popular open source package. You can see the code in the following link: aCis: L2JServer H5: L2JFrozen 1.5 Interlude L2JMobius Classic Interlude L2JMobius
  11. I don't quite understand what you want, but there you are creating a table with 1 row and 10 columns
  12. Any Exception in your console?