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  1. hello everyone ... i hope you have a nice day ... (i didnt :P work problems) ... i have searching for php codes about online/offline status ... real online player etc. anyway i find this code and i cant connected with my database... (and fill it with my full information no-ip/myip,database passwork etc.) can anyone help me with that ...??
  2. Site: https://l2juliano.com/ Grand opening: 5/5/2020 Our goal is to provide you a stable game play , we will never wipe the server. We will wipe only inactive accounts over four(4) months. GENERAL RATES - NO CUSTOM -Exp/SP: x500 -Adena: x1 -Drop: x1 -Spoil: x1 -Part Exp: x1.5 -Raid Boss Drop: x1 -Epic RB Drop: x50 -Safe Enchant: +4 -Max Enchant: +21 -Normal Scroll Enchant Chance: 60% -Blessed Scroll Enchant Chance: 100% GAMEPLAY CONFIGURATION -All Buffs from buffer have time 2 Hours. -Buff slots: 35 -Skills are auto learn. -Automatic loot for monsters-raids. -Manual loot for Gramd Bosses. -1st, 2nd, 3rd on Class Master NPC.(Roy the Cat) -Sub-Class FREE (Doesn't require Official Quest) -Mana Potions: 1000 MP Restoration. -Olympiad 100% working. -Siege system every two(2) weeks. BASIC FEATURES -Starting area with increased exp system. -NPC Buffer with all the important buffs(scheme system). -GM Shop B Armors/Weapons & Consumables are free. -Global Gatekeeper with all the important zones. -Ranking PvP System with info Shift+Click on Chars. -Unique Auctioneer with a few clan halls release weekly. -Augmentations: 10% Mid Grade | 20% High Grade | 30% Top Grade -Events Engine System : Deathmatch,Domination,Double Domination,Last Man Standing,TeamVsTeam,VIP TvT,CTF,Korean. -Character voiced commands: .online | .join | .leave | .pvpinfo | -Custom farm Zones. -Custom raid bosses farm system. -Custom Pvp Zones. -Custom Clan manager to help you increasse your clan level,after lvl 4 clan skills are auto added. -Custom Exclusive shop.(include custom scroll augment system and more) -Vote reward system. -Donation Store: OFF.
  3. Hello M.Cheaters ! i am new Developer and im search the best System Guard for my server and i dont know what to use. Do you guys have any suggestions about witch one is the better than the others and explane me why ? Thank you all! (Sry to admins if i make my Quastion in wrong place sent me to move my topic in other place. )