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  1. Looking for a cheap(cheaper) Interlude L2off comm board compatible with advext files. They offer one for 275$ and that is way too much to pay for 10 year old comm board. Anyways, I don't need any custom htmls and anything - just simple working comm board. If you have something to sell - please write me a PM.
  2. Your website is poorly designed, including all those empty divs and cols. You can get the original here: https://colorlib.com/wp/template/game-warrior/ And work on something with more features rather than less.
  3. Hey, keep getting this spam of "errors" I suppose? Any idea what this is about and how I can "fix" it or anything? I am clueless at the moment why this is happening (my server isn't using any ships and won't be so it's ok if fix it removing them, but still got no idea where to start).
  4. You were right once again. It worked like a charm. Thank you! SOLVED.
  5. Still haven't solved my issue. Could this be AI related and their level is set somewhere in the AI.obj? My client mod to see level and stats was created - in game showing that guards are level 80 but they are still dark blue when I approach them with lvl 85 character. I even came with lvl 78 and they were still dark blue. Here is a picture below.
  6. Hey, Currently to enter Frintezza and Freya I must be part of command channel. I wish to remove this requirement and be able to enter it with a single party of 9. Unfortunately I can't find a way how to do so. Setting min_user=2 does not seem to help and it still requires command channel. instantzone_begin id=136 name=frintessa_battle max_channel=5 max_user=45 min_user=2 duration=120 time_limit=5760 reset_binding={06:30;{0;2;4;6}} entrance_cond={{check_level(1);80;85}} delete_no_user=30 required_item={} deleted_item={} remove_buff=0 start_pos_t
  7. Amazing! Thanks.. (I feel like huge noob as it was easier than expected I just didn't think of looking there)
  8. Looking for help or guide how to keep buffs on entering Kamaloka (preferably all level not only lvl83). I assume someone else had this issue and could help and guide me to where I could find settings and code for that. I have checked some AI but did not really find anything. Will not post AI code because it's way too long and most of people simply guess with random edits saying to try this and this - I am simply looking for someone with l2off files who HAD this fixed and KNOWS how to do it. Sorry for asking, perhaps a bit rude but I do not wish to randomly test someone else's code edits
  9. I have ran into a problem with guards during fort sieges barely dropping any Epaulettes even when the drop rate set to 100%. One of the reasons why I barely drop them because my character is level 85 and all guards appear dark blue (5+ level difference I suppose). So I thought I will just simply change guard levels in npcdata.txt. Did that and set them all to level=80. Anyway that did not solve my problem and as it seems their level still didn't change (5 level difference is light blue and guards are still dark blue for me). P.S. my npc_pch is also fine and updated not sure if it matters wh
  10. Hello there, I am building a retail-like L2OFF H5 midrate(15x) server with unique server customizations and I am looking for group of people(5 to 10) who are bored during quarantine to help me test the server. Please understand that: Server is still in early stages but there are features that need to be tested. Server might have some bugs which need to be discovered. There is no launch-date set yet. There might be certain rewards if you wish to play on the server in the future. I understand noone wants to do it for free but I hope to find some really bored people
  11. Thank you for your help but I found a way to do it without editing Ai.obj. As learning skills require 2 quests - subclass(id=235) and More Than Meets the Eye(id=136) i changed {[quest_num]=136} to {[quest_num]=235} inside npcdata for master_transformation npc. I hope it makes sense. Solved.
  12. Sure thing! Here is ai.obj class https://pastebin.com/9wWF5eb2 Here is same .nasc class https://pastebin.com/2XDQhsLc I am still pretty green at this and I am not sure whether it requires quest or item obtained from a quest in order to start learning skills from her(avant-garde) edit: long story short - I finished leveling up my subclass - got all the subclass certification skill books - went to learn skills and was asked to do a quest. Finished a quest - was able to learn. my goal is to remove this requirement to finish the quest and learn skills straight away
  13. Hi, I am looking for help of how to remove quest from transform_teacher class so people do not need to make "More Than Meets the Eye" quest to learn subclass specification skills. Edit: title addition and grammar fix
  14. What is the best way to handle field cycles? In particular SSQ and Hellbound. Looking for help or guide how to manage them and make them "permanent" so I do not have to //field_cycle everytime they close. I opened Hellbound but I assume it will close once cycle is over? Thanks in advance! EDIT: Perhaps i put my question in a bad way, here it is: How can i disable all SSQ cycles and make ssq "permanent?". Currently I get teleported out whenever I am not participating in SSQ and my goal is to permanently have monsters that players can hunt in catacombs/necropolis without getting
  15. hey, would love to get the password, been waiting over a week now :(