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  1. It's okay to get custom and a few things, but how does such a pack work without a source?
  2. Yes but you cant work at pride files its files from 2012(java 6 to old.)....you need a lot of money to fix l2jserver gracia final....my opinion work at acis (interlude) l2jfrozen/jserver need a lot of work to fix everything.
  3. So you want a pack just for fun? like to join with your friends? or you want to make pack from zero?
  4. Do not open pride like server with shared files , a lot of bugs... you can run it to take examples. Make new project.
  5. ### Eclipse Workspace Patch 1.0 #P aCis_gameserver Index: java/net/sf/l2j/gameserver/model/zone/type/L2FlagZone.java =================================================================== --- java/net/sf/l2j/gameserver/model/zone/type/L2FlagZone.java (revision 0) +++ java/net/sf/l2j/gameserver/model/zone/type/L2FlagZone.java (working copy) @@ -0,0 +1,185 @@ +/* + * This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under + * the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software + * Foundation, either version 3 of the License,
  6. αδερφε μου εισαι κύριος και ωραιος ειπες οπως ειπες τα πραγματα και συμφωνω μαζι σου σε ολα. Απο εκει και περα αυτος ο ανθρωπος που μονο ανθρωπος δεν ειναι η ζωη του ειναι ετσι, η δουλεια του ειναι αυτη να μπαινει να κραζει τους παντες που ολοι τον εχουν παριε χαμπάρι τι ρολο βαραει και οτι ειναι μονο λογια. Τετοια ατομα δεν αξιζει καν να μιλαμε μαζι τους ειναι για λύπηση. Το τελευταιο πραγμα που με νοιαζει στη ζωη μου ειναι αμα κανω καλο σερβερ στο λ2 η οχι.....και εγω τη δουλειτσα μου στα σαιτ την εχω και σε ξενοδοχεια ειμαι τεχνικος απο εκει και περα οτι δεν εκατσα ποτε να ασχοληθω με τη τζ
  7. psychiatric hospital... you can try.....
  8. https://www.fabricacafe.info/ https://valergas.com/ https://somatiopligentonrethymnou.com/ http://villaslampini.com/ http://l2relic.org/ You are free to test your methods.....but you will fail again.....
  9. You are the real clown, go make fake profiles and ask questions and answer yourself.I did 3 seasons and everything went much better than yours,you work 10 years . I work 9 months this is our difference. and because I was a player on your server especially the last one lasted 5 days and the whole chat exploded on you and I have them in photos because you are just words. You sit and comment on everyone and shout that they all made a better server than you. Epic, Prelude, Relic. Let's see your next failure if it exceeds cosmote 5g.You have make more fail seasons....And stop spam, here is not prid
  10. No matter how good you are and only that you reduce it to every person who enjoys it, you have lost it .... and you have become a candy that I work with shared files. I never worked on a package from the Internet. I may not have that much knowledge in Java, because for me my job is not exactly programming, but every time I open my package for the data of the 9 months I work, I did much better than you who worked for 10 years!
  11. I agree with you , i will fix everything before start. you have been out of server for many years and unfortunately I feel sorry for you because last time your server shut down faster than cosmote 5g ... and I did not understand we will take your permission to open a server?YOU ARE CLOWN AND ONLY WORDS,YOU HAVE FAIL MORE TIMES THAN ME, ITS GAME NOT A LIFE,GO LEARN TO LIFE...