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  1. 7 hours left for the grand opening download our new patch and be ready. 1 hour left for the grand openning.
  2. tommorow will be open beta at 18:00 gmt +2 until grand openning. you can win vip status via dice the roll event at 20:00 gmt+2.
  3. 4 days left for openning
  4. hey dude drops and rate doesnt prove nothing. the gameplay is custom also the drop rates.. dont judge without know please.. also server is no p2w what you said about donation isnt real
  5. Grand oppening date 8.4 20:00 GMT +2. (Final) . also some Updates to topic
  6. yes dragic why delete my post... i want to inform all admin with what kind of human they have to deal.. players dont know that fight he has with admins players must stop go to his topsite also he has low and FAKE TRAFFIC LOOK!
  7. well he disable my server without a reason just read the conversation.. 7:59 μμ hey Server Disabled please read again add server rules why you deleted my server? whats the problem cant understand l2topzone, 8:04 μμ Hello, you don’t understand many things... one of them is how our website works 8:05 μμ okey just tell me the problem what was the wrong?? l2topzone, 8:06 μμ You tell me... 8:07 μμ what to tell you dude just tell me i want to know so simple just answer me dont answer with answer pl z its hard for you tell me? l2topzone, 8:13 μμ Rules rules rules 8:13 μμ yes cant find the problem i saw rules thats why i sent you if i understood the problem i wont sent you just so difficult to tell me? l2topzone, 8:14 μμ Did you mention in this conversation your server name? 8:14 μμ yes L2Naga whats the problem? l2topzone, 8:15 μμ We are not promoting pigasos projects 8:15 μμ what you mean pigasos projects? l2topzone, 8:16 μμ The exact what message say 8:16 μμ wtf i dont even know this scammer that annoy noobs he sells rocks for gold wtf why you say im pigasos project? l2topzone, 8:17 μμ Bye 8:17 μμ ok ill upload this at forums l2topzone, 8:17 μμ Good luck 8:18 μμ you are fucking pathetic l2topzone, 8:18 μμ You to Again 8:18 μμ me why? you say im pigasos project i dont even know him how you find this dude?? just tell me bulshits as reason thats all l2topzone, 8:19 μμ Pathetic again... You learn this from me 8:19 μμ wtf are you trolling or what... l2topzone, 8:19 μμ I mean the word “pathetic” 8:19 μμ ah?? for what are you talking about.. im not fucking pigasos dude give me a reason that you call me pigasos only 1 you havent couse im not just tell me 1 reason if you are man and have balls dude im waiting l2topzone, 8:21 μμ I have nothing to prove you 8:21 μμ yes becouse you cant im not pigasos l2topzone, 8:21 μμ Get lost please... 8:22 μμ okey he says that im pigasos wtf i dont even know this scammer.. he just tell me excuses maybe he want to payhim to add my server. just dont add your servers there he is fucking idiot
  8. Huge discount for this quality!! Dont miss it guys try and you will understand
  9. Hope you the best... Last season was perfect.. all pride style lovers will must be there