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  1. Link doest work.. fix it dude you are moderator and you did this post .thanks
  2. is there an interface for aac? or a way to make an interface work ?
  3. i tried all solutions and nothing cant repair my problem... wtf no1 had this problem?
  4. hello guys im trying to play l2mid but i cant connect to server couse active anticheat error : Active Launcher Error : Connect Server! 1. help me plz i tried other servers without ac and run normal.. i disable windows antivirus
  5. Old School PvP Interlude Farm www.l2reflect.com Rates Xp/Sp: x100Adena: x50Party Xp/Sp: x1,5SealStones: x5Safe enchant: +4Max enchant: +16 Weapon / Armor +10Enchant Rate: Weapons: 66% - Armor/Jewel: 66%Blessed Enchant Rate: Weapons: 66% - Armors/Jewels: 66% Features Buffs (21 + 4 Divine Inspiration by level)NPC Buffer: 2 hour durationCancel Recovery System - Recovers canceled buffs in 10 secondsCommands: .expon .expoffGiran Main Town: Misc Shop, Weapon Shop, Armor Shop, Special BlacksmithAutoloot (Regular drop in bag, Boss drop on ground)Mana Potion 5s delay to use again
  6. most corrupted admin... he scamed his player and he also scamed me for 50 euros in the past... dont join on this crappy server gevorakoc is the owner
  7. an eisai sigouros oti tha s trww mono toso pes m to skype s na s kanw add
  8. nai re file pianw alla dn kserw pos doulevei pantos dn psinome na s trww megabytes gt 1gb dn m ftanei tn mera :P klain tha tn palepsw . apla an ginotan na epsaga kanena wifi gia kana mina tha eimoun koble :)
  9. nai re file kapia stigmi tha valw net alla mexri tote kati prepei na kanw na tn palepsw :P
  10. gamiseta file kai i fasi einai oti to anigi otan loipw douleia sinithos... prepei na vrw kapia lisi mexri na valw net :P
  11. se euxaristo poli infamous alla to exw dokimasei kai vriski mono ena p aftos p anigi to wifi to anigi gia 2 wres tn imera kserw gw... :/
  12. [gr] exw ena wind ena vodafone exw diafora an ksereis gia kapio se parakalw apantise m