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  1. L2NET.NET How would you like to advertise your content for free? Well now its possible with our tools you can advertise on facebook,youtube,instagram all free. Get followers,post comments and many more things. Facebook auto poster tool: https://l2net.net/fb-tool/ And video how to use it: Also you can use our instagram tool: https://l2net.net/insta-tool/ And video how to use it: If you want to track how many clicks your link is getting you can use our url-shortener to track your data: https://l2net.net/url-shortener/ All our tools can be found here: https://l2net.net/disclaimer As well as guides how to advertise your content , how to get the best out of it and so on. Besides set of tools L2NET also offers TOP LIST. You can register your server here: https://l2net.net/servers Register account , navigate to add server section fill in the information and you are ready to roll.
  2. WTB back end web developing. Its toplist type of website it mostly needs php and mysql side. Its demanding work if your interested. Contact me on skype if you are interested. Skype : markostepanovic1 , payment is paypal and the amount you can decide when you see the amount of work it needs to be done. I value everyone's time.
  3. PROFESSIONAL ADVERTISING FAQ: Why chose lineage2master advertising services ? -Because I offer most professional services at reasonable prices. And because i have degree in online marketing and vast experience with lineage 2 community. Do you really post and advertise how can we know if this is real? -After each purchased service , once the task is completed you will be offered proof in either video format,link format or picture format where you can review the job completed. ADVERTISING SERVICES & PRICES: TWITCH channel streaming = 5 euros per day (24/7): What i offer is constant streaming with background music of your most populated area or video with links so players can instantly connect. Twitch channel information: https://www.twitch.tv/lineage2master Pinned post + Cover picture on my Lineage 2 Community groups: Group number one : Lineage 2 Best servers = 10 euro for 7 days. - 800+ members: https://www.facebook.com/groups/218388575571570/ Group number two: Lineage 2 Advertising = 5 euro for 7 days. - 200+ members: https://www.facebook.com/groups/253309601904891/ Group number three: Lineage 2 divulgação = 5 euros for 7 days. - 200+ members: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2127715960808464/ Posting on social media: Facebook 50 lineage 2 Community groups posts all 5k+ members groups = 4 euros Youtube 50 lineage 2 Community video comments = 3 euros Instagram 50 lineage 2 Community hashtag comments = 3 euros VK 40 lineage 2 Community groups posts = 3 euros Price for all 4 social advertising in a packet is = 10 euros Delivery time 24 hours , multiple purchases are possible for multiple days. Discounts on purchases over 100 euros 10%. Contacts details: You can contact me via messages on maxcheaters or on my personal fb account. Send me message request that you require my services: https://www.facebook.com/markol.stepanovic.9 or on skype: markostepanovic1 Terms of services (TOS): -I have strict policy of customer is always right. You have the right to change the content any time you want. You get the right to keep all intellectual property i create as your own property. (Videos,pictures,texts) -Payments are paypal only. And strictly up front. -Discounts are possible only on purchasing services in the value of 100 euros or greater. Some of the servers i worked for recently (List will be updated): -L2 Wonderlust , -L2 Crysis , -L2 Bezaleel , -Project LIPO , -L2PVP world, -L2 Reality , -L2 Cosmos , -L2 Mythras , -L2 OVC, -L2 Rise of Devil , -L2Raptor , -L2Liberation, -L2Gytheon, -L2Redmoon, -Novaworld , -L2Gr