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  1. Link is up for automatic purchases. As the more content gets done i'll post them there. Whole process is automated make acc, login, buy, download. Enjoy more content will come soon. Keep in mind that regular licence gives you the right to use but not to resell, and extended gives you right to resell it as well. For any questions don't hesitate to contact me.
  2. Its original work, no plugins. Copyright free music. Template is user friendly with all files included (music as well). Its after effects template. Template does not come with 2 lineage 2 scenes videos, you can insert your own videos there because i do not own the in game footage. Its just used as an example. contact skype: markostepanovic1 -6 euros + 2 euros fee for regular licence (right to use it for project etc.) -30 euros + 2 euros fee for extended licence (rights to use in projects, re-sell, commercial use) -+3 euros to render for you change texts and replace videos Template + music
  3. WTS updater PSD design original work, psd includes buttons psd as well. Price is 10 eu you can contact me on skype: markostepanovic1 For more images or gifs contact me.
  4. L2 Hell is a Prelude of War GameServer. Retail like gameplay. With adjusted drops for easier farming. Hell team wish you to enjoy your stay here. website: Project idea: An easier version of Official GameServers. Rates Max lvl: 120 EXP/SP: x2 Adena: x2 Safe/Max Enchant Weapon: +3/+20 Safe/Max Enchant Armor: +3/+20 Features Olympiad: 1 Month Olympiad time: 20:00 - 00:00 Siege: 20:00 Auto loot
  5. wc lvl 57 and 10% 19 herbs of progress / 10 high xp-sp scrolls / 29 normal xp-sp scrolls And all the items shown in this image = 25 euros , naturally you get email address along with account. sword singer lvl 57 and 50% 39 herbs of progress / 12 high sp/xp scrolls / 30 normal xp/sp scrolls And all the items shown in this image = 20 euros , naturally you get email address along with account. Both characters bulk discount = 40eu Contact me here or on skype: markostepanovic1
  6. L2NET.NET How would you like to advertise your content for free? Well now its possible with our tools you can advertise on facebook,youtube,instagram all free. Get followers,post comments and many more things. You can also register your server and enjoy free traffic on
  7. WTB back end web developing. Its toplist type of website it mostly needs php and mysql side. Its demanding work if your interested. Contact me on skype if you are interested. Skype : markostepanovic1 , payment is paypal and the amount you can decide when you see the amount of work it needs to be done. I value everyone's time.
  8. You can't build perfect balance because that would require people to be perfect you can make balance and collect best players in their class and make balance using them until they are left on -500 hp each fight depending on luck factor and still end up with people crying no balance. And perfect pack will depend on your own preferences. Don't get free packs once the pack passes trough few hands it always has backdoor's. Either learn java for about 6 months at least 2-3 hours a day and sit develop your own or pay a developer.
  9. WTS PROPHET : Prophet level 58 , all buff skills learned. Price : 20 euros Naked character NO ITEMS! WTS HAWKEYE : Hawkeye level 57. Price: 10 euros Naked character NO ITEMS! WTS CRAFTER : CRAFTER SOLD !!!! WTS ELVEN ELDER: Elven Elder SOLD !!!!! All items i had on those characters SOLD !!!! Contact information: FB: Skype: markostepanovic1 Or write me message on maxcheaters.