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  1. i had a script for it but my hdd failed and i didn't keep it xD don't rememer where i found it it was on some forums xD so i was hopefull someone has one xD
  2. that's for newer version of bot won't work on cracked one (1.71)
  3. if someone can share a working script for noblese quests on cracked adrenaline!
  4. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/196271/when-you-try-to-connect-from-tcp-ports-greater-than-5000-you-receive-t do that it should fix it
  5. i downloaded a map pack but i don't get inside maps on adrenaline it just the map normaly do i need to change something or i need to get diferent map pack?
  6. lf maps from clasic for interlude with layout maps for fog it mos catas necros