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  1. WTS Account: Sorc 84 lvl and ~40%+ Dc robe set +3 Daimon Crystal +4 Feoh 8 lvl Fire Dragon Belt Black Sayaha Cloak Branclet of Duty 5 lvl Agathion Branclet lvl 3 Brooch lvl 4 TOI lvl 3 Radiant lvl 3 INT hat + 3 Water Pendant lvl 5 +8 and some other shits in wh;D pm offer
  2. WTS ADENA on gamecoast x7 I Have too ES 80 lvl all skills for sell or wtt for adena / items on L2Essence RED PW here or Discord Eddie#3457
  3. Nice i try a lot things and all time server verify failed :)
  4. I try open adr cracked 1.73 and i have server verify down :( I try a lot (pendrive etc...) and no work :( mby any know how make it works? :)
  5. UP! Good files, i think server worth try! w8, 4 days left!
  6. Can't make game account bcoz can't make forum account too... Sorry, there is a problem You are not permitted to register a user account with this site. Error code: 2S129/1
  7. Server is nice but low community :/
  8. Nice shit donation :D WE HAVE A SPECIAL OFERT ON 1000X SERVER FOR 10 EURO U CAN GET 1 SKILL FROM ANY CLASS U WANT U CAN GET MAX[ 3 SKILLS] WITH RESTRICTION FOR MAGES[ HEALING SKILLS] AND HEALERS[NUKE ATACK SKILLS] rmors Weapons and Jewels S84 Vesper Noble {PvP} (Set) 10€ S84 Vorpal {PvP} (Set) 15€ S84 Elegia {PvP} (Set) 20€ S84 Elegia Jewels (Set) 10€ S84 lvl 1 weapon {PvP} + SA 10€ S84 lvl 2 weapon {PvP} + SA 15€ S84 lvl 3 weapon {PvP} + SA 20€ Boss Jewels Queen Ant's Ring 10€ Baium's Ring 10€ Beleth's Ring 10€ Zaken's Earring 10€ Antharas' Earring 15€ Freya's Necklace 15€ Frintezza's Necklace 15€ Valakas' Necklace 20€ Boss Jewels (Set) 40€ Boss Jewels (Set) 40€
  9. LF tip how to run L2Tower on Chronicle: Interlude Experience (XP): x25 Drop (Adena): 12 Drop (Items): 12 Spoil: 12