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  1. as subject says, pm me with ur details. buying only from trusted members or via allegro.
  2. Adena stock ~ 30b price, 1b 29e, if u take more, we can speak about the price. Chars: Wyn Summoner 99 6 AP Dual Feoh 95. Chars are naked, first owner, orginal email. Account is with PA, and 200% Exp SP Drop runes. price: 50 euro for more info, pm me on skype: punil2v
  3. as subject says Yull GS level 100, 16ap most important skills +10 dual class wyn summoner lvl 99. On same account 6 other characters 87-97 For more info add me to skype: punil2v Account comes with email adress, cheap and safe.
  4. very nice person, very honest, bought from him. +1 rep with big thx.