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  1. I believe i've done my part :) how others translate its up to them ^^
  2. I am STILL not going to consider to pay anymore, if i will fail then i will fail, but at least i kept my word, i wont going to pay anyone to play.
  3. I give you trophy just cause you replied, else i was waiting for it, well what can i say, I personally think it's same people, i gave info why i think so - but maybe im wrong, It's been like 4-5 years since i was involved with such projects. I dont know, info based what you say, i still got hunch it's one and same ... dont know anymore ^^
  4. Not really, it can be used only on dead monsters & it's not custom - It's official NCSoft event - I'm not aware any monsters being spawned in siege zones, Npc Buffer, which gives "full buffs" is between levels of 6 and 75. And ofcourse .. this buff applies to Flat stats, not buffed stats, so you wont have "Bishops" with 20K hp
  5. isnt it wrong section? you also missed 1 spot where to add CAPS on L2Gold :S
  6. Players are lazy :D - I do understand them, since there is nothing too much to talk anyway :) - Unless you are blody russian and start prepping your war tactics 2 months prior to open :D
  7. Have you tried different Auth's ? - I cant really relate what's the problem with it, i'l summon @eressea , she's damn genius in those things. But I'll suggest you to try different L2AuthD I'm not completely sure, if you even can run those on Win7, Maybe once Eressea comes on, she might take a moment to see this topic.
  8. I Personally think this Master Dugi Buffs, is pretty cool :) - You get 100/100 scrolls per day from reward box and can be used multiple different ways. on top of that you got newbie guide who gives buffs between level 6 and 75, it should be fairly easy to top up your self. I made Countless tests myself with current setup, without PA , user will have Full A grade at level 61 - 65
  9. Everything that is currently seen on OBT will stay on Live ( Yes you are talking about Master Dugi )
  10. Hey Achylek, I'm not going to pay not a single penny for a clans, cp or any player. At the end of day, if someone don't like the project, they can find other servers on L2 Top listing. What regards 150 online at start, that's just wrong estimation. But thank you for your feedback.
  11. Maybe I'm later to leave reply, but cant really build on preconfigured, have an idea and implement it :)
  12. Vercetti/Vasilis/Space Lord/Stallone appears and probably countless more account (since his ideology is to create new sever every 3-5 months just to get money) to be same person: https://www.facebook.com/VercettiOfficial/ https://www.facebook.com/avoukatos.vasilis?ref=br_rs http://prntscr.com/j3pmjl https://prnt.sc/j3pn1v https://prnt.sc/j3pn8l As I said, I do not understand how some people are blind for 6-7 years row or I'm missing something? I worked for the fella back in Tales period as Goldfish, and quit after I understo
  13. Sorry but, what else it is expected from admin from Tales? - Just amazing how much community can really take from such person and still keep taking it (Almost 7 Years now), if my memory does not let me down - Vasilis aka Mid Lord is using his parents company to DDoS someone, but hell I don't remember details and don't want to get deeply into this, my opinion stands that guy is brilliant with regards milking players. Goldfish here