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  1. Brut steal me 200 euros

    Out of curiosity, have a screen of what you ordered from Dev? - and screen of him confirming? Not trying to be ass or something, but its simple: A) Did not deliver goods/services between certain time (Dispute and send screens to Paypal, they will return) - Also there is a fancy button on MxC with -1 button. B) Did you change your "Dev request in the middle of order" ? - Your fault, dont do that, be clear and specific what you want from the beginning (plan plan and plan) C) 200 Eur, well welcome to L2 Underground, be prepared for it, there are different kinds of clowns out there, dont piss off dev :) For the devs or anyone else, if you fucked up, deal with it - take responsibility and fix it, sometimes you get bad and good days, whats important is how you deal with it :), cheers mates other than that, I truly hope you guys can work this out on better terms. PS: not advising to make payments "friends and family" on paypal - its a service. Paypal is not able to protect you with your own stupidity.
  2. Ideas

    This is our proffesion changer, appearently i'm in love with Official L2 HTML simplicity, don't like fancy buttons, it takes away the feeling of originality :) and Our upcoming common item store, which will have same items and same price, as normal stores selling common items, simple and original :) - I think Mana potions will not be sold nowhere, but is being dropped by all monsters in world, for now I got setting where at x5 rates, between level 1 to 40, I've received 210 manapotions (60 MP is healed per potion , 1,5 sec cooldown and not tradable) and below is Antibuff ... haha and store icon :D , which I noted right now :D
  3. Ideas

    I've limited buffs for Fighters and Mystics, Pets are using same as Fighter buff + Mystic buff (Once i'm certain on beta test, players can test it, if it's OP I will change it, but I like the idea that Buffs are available only for players between Level 6 and Level 75, that includes Pets, if master Level is above that, pet's wont get anything).
  4. Hehe, I find it very amusing :) First off, tell us about your files, who's and what's , version etc. - I think you got either: a) Buggy npcdata.txt - ai=[ ] b) ai.obj is buggy did you summon the mammon via npcpos.txt ?
  5. Request For A Logo

    Doubt that you will find someone, I think you're better off for google "How to make logo"
  6. Discussion I NEED HELP ! important

    Custom and L2J does not work on low rate, reason is very simple: L2J is using 60 - 70% of true potential of Lineage, that's why L2J is more meant for High Rate PvP's (players wouldn't really use rest 30 - 40% of game while being at level 85 within a day) - But Hey, maybe you can make it work, who knows :) - It's Just my opinion Tips, I think you might find useful: search for: "EUROOFF 83.7 GF Files" and combine it with "MyExt64" = PTS/OFF Alright ... Here you go: GF Full Pack PTS a) https://mega.nz/#!E1hwjDZC!yKMwXHa4Wj_FUjQ374TaB9c3Gb28tLUPI9xEXzS5Ne8 (Shared on la2man.ru) b)https://mega.nz/#!310DDKJS!_2v5ZuAvdBQTYyfrhvEdPLKsPmc-J0lf_idoxjZxWEA (euro off shared on la2man.ru) c) https://mega.nz/#!ulcFhSyB!ajW8ol4xXv-bL9IcimIehbb7uet_6NawfeffYazqHCQ (unique SMELI Project, some might know about it :) ) d) https://mega.nz/#!z51FgQ5D!HJq86nvoQJfrx0dXBdJAY3NySTq_rGcePof4xyREpD8 (L2OFFH5 unfinished project, don't open server with that, just use it to learn) System: https://mega.nz/#!Uxxj0RgZ!3bOwAbzeULTjZV_b7syqHdtM1dfW4rV0yGIDuUmz480 (Shared on la2man.ru) Now look for MyExt64 GF/Epilogue Extender by MxC and Eressea Hopefully that helps you :)
  7. High five Project

    You can Try Mytharas files aswell, it's also from FanDC, but basically pick any project and build up your idea onto that, technically I would not advise you to use compiled by others.
  8. Yeah , ads will be next week :)- thanks
  9. Couple hours ago managed to get last info (that was needed for web setup) , which means "WEB IS UP" ^ ^ - I will be updating information about updates in this section: http://iplay.gg/index.php?/forum/4-development-and-configurations-beta-server/
  10. Back Live, will be covering: 0. Check Reward and Toughness of 1st class (maybe NPC's to teleport around). 1. Find out how to make Boarder around Newbie Buff Icons 2. Catacomb/Necropolis Teleports for Event Gatekeeper 3. Event Gatekeeper Change NPC Look 4. Consider making Toggle skill for increased Mana regeneration (40% quicker mana regen while sitting ALL CLASSES, will remove need of mana potions, else mana potions 60MP) 5. Master Yogi HTML Finish 6. Master Yogi Sell list Finish 7. Class Changer NPC or Class Shop 8. Check Yogi Scroll drop ammount 9. Check Leveling speed between 40 to 50 10. Check leveling speed from 70 to 71 11. Check leveling speed from 76 to 77 12. Check Epic Boss Drops 13. Increase monster count in farm zones (use Map Territories) 14. Setup Play Store to be used Vote Points 15. Vote System from DepMax 16. Publicize iplay.gg 17. Get some testers 18. Do we need Comm Board ???? 19. Town Guide
  11. Interlude source

    That's very very interesting :D !!!
  12. I just noticed that I'm spending about 13 - 15 hours a day on this server for past 5 weeks, would be waste not to stream it , right ? :D https://www.twitch.tv/iplayggtv Atm working on yogi
  13. Ideas

    only NPC buffer ingame is Newbie Buffer, which will give user a full buff till level 75, Fighters/Mystics/Pets have different buffs (Including sound of buffing) Finishing off with sound Effects, then HTML and buffer is complete :)
  14. Ideas

    Hi Vegosa, you are right, these rates are excellent. I did increase drop chance/spoil chance, rest is based on your information. Total time spent from 1 to 40 (average 1 hour and 20 minutes, just grinding). These are buffs I've used from start up. Next step: - Mana Potions? (Currently in use 2 second delay Mana Potions, that heals 60 MP), technically when was grinding with wizard, I was required to have on average 200 potions from 1-40 (I was lazy to pickup herbs). I'm planning to put potions in Live server use with 250 Adena cost per each in Shop (They can be used automatically). - Class Change - I had an idea to have it for free from 1st till 3rd. Upon taking new class, there is a Shadow gear box with 600/600 MP 1st Class Free = D grade Shadow Set Box 600 mana (Robe/Heavy/Light) 2nd Class Free = C grade Shadow Set Box 600 mana (Robe/Heavy/Light) + 2 000 000 Adena 3rd Class Free = S grade Shadow Set Box 600 mana (Robe/heavy/Light) + 10 000 000 Adena
  15. Ideas

    I will try your idea out and will post a screen of 2 hours gameplay. Currently I've finished 60 minutes of gameplay with x2 Rates (XP/SP=2, Adena=1, Drop Chance=5) + Buffs what you can see on screen (Jewels are from newbie guide). Wondering if it's good idea to create new currency ingame, that is dropped from monsters - Currency is used to purchase ALT+B Buffs. With average 1/67 monsters = 1 Coin (Buffs cost from 1 to 6 coins), or it would ruin the off like gameplay ?