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  1. [L2OFF] L2 iPlay

    Summon NPC almost finalized - http://iplay.gg/index.php?/topic/273-servant-npc-buffergkgmshopblacksmith/&tab=comments#comment-1052 Just need to finish up the correct buffs for x30 rates, after will deal with epics, instances etc
  2. [L2OFF] L2 iPlay

    OBT Will be accessible today http://iplay.gg/index.php?/topic/250-open-beta-19022018-today/
  3. WTS Services La2Virus

    Awesome Fella :) - received what i've requested within hour!
  4. [L2OFF] L2 iPlay

    I would like to ask some moment for you to vote for the configurations: http://iplay.gg/index.php?/forum/57-vote-for-the-configurations/ There are ton of questions, but take your time to vote, if i missed something - Just give me PM
  5. [L2OFF] L2 iPlay

    On Last Minute just before advertising, decided to change rates and epic/instance data. - With reasons cause there are at least 4 low rate server opening and it might be bit hard for us to challenge these guys. We have thought through a wonderful and interesting gameplay system, that should hook you up, game market still will be untouched and should be balanced for Solo and CP members, not only that - Buffer classes, EE's, BP's will be important (we did not forget about you guys). PS: basically there are so much info to handle, but we are very excited to show you what we have, server is definitely made long term, we wont do wipes, just will find the way to refresh the community!
  6. [L2OFF] L2 iPlay

    https://www.twitch.tv/iplayggtv - Live testing configurations
  7. [L2OFF] L2 iPlay

    Auction - as Retail About Macrobug - Needs to be confirmed
  8. Good evening Maxcheaters community, today there was a situation where i saw couple of players talking about "unusual activity" on their gmail accounts - i'm pretty sure that most of you know about it, but i would like to refresh this and bring to everyone's attention. This notice is not only for Lineage 2 private servers but also other "privately" hosted games. Do not use your personal data, while registering accounts on "private servers". Your information will be stored, even after quiting the game - i would bring Mytharas files, as best example - Moment you login to server, it will ask you to input email, pin, password + moment you "auto create account", all this information is being stored and can be used against you at later stages. - What are the chances that you are using same exact password on your facebook? or even email, which can be used spam "private server bullshit" to your friends. - What are the chances that your password and email is exactly the same for paypal account? - What are the chances that you have important mails/licences in your gmail inbox? - What are the chances that your username will be tried to use login via other game servers, to sell items or even completely destroy your account, so you would stay playing for "that" private server? - What are the chances that your skype login/password is exactly the same as you use for game account? and there are team of retards who are trying to login to get all the contacts from your account for "private server advertisement purpouse?" - What are the chances that your "server patch" can be infected, and after you download it, you will spread it around your homegroup? - What are the chances that your "Server patch" can be infected with tools, that DDoS'ers will use your PC to attack anyone they want, without you knowing it (whilst you spreading it around via your pc-> Smartphone->laptop->colleagues at work). What i am trying to tell you is, that you should be cautious about these things. For example there are multiple private servers, which you enter on their website and it has "Click Jacking" your likes, to forcefully like their page. Once you like it -> your friends see that -> once your friends see that and they like, their friends see that, same goes for sharing content. It's not a news that some servers open 10 servers per year, what if you registered your account in 4 of them, having 3 similar passwords, 2 times similar pin code + 3 time similar emails = They already have full information about you, specially when you make donation, they will see your name. Steps what i suggest you to do: 1. Spend 30 minutes of your time now to finish the steps, dont wait for it, dont push it to "TOMORROW" 2. Create your self "shadow gmail account", write it's password down on piece of paper and leave it somewhere near your pc - Everytime when you register new L2 account, use your shadow emails 3. Try come up with a system for passwords, but having different passwords for each server, or use easy password on accounts you just enjoy pvp and not planning to stay for longer. - Some might come up with system like: !abcSERVERNAMEdfg! 4. DO NOT GIVE YOUR PERSONAL DATA TO ANYONE, everything can wait and people who try to rush ... high chance is that "they are nifty" or "i have to go hospital" story. 5. I would even advice you to create an 2ndary Paypal, one that you simply use for Donations or "enter your paypal email" (unless you can see url says: HTTPS:// and its official url) 6. use 2nd step authentication , its there for reason That's it, Peace out!
  9. Discussion Beyond.lt Threats against iPlay project

    For heads up and your opinion - i totally agree that they had very nice idea, brilliant, A+
  10. Discussion Beyond.lt Threats against iPlay project

    Thanks bud :)
  11. Discussion Beyond.lt Threats against iPlay project

    I'm about to wrap up with such admin, already spent 6 hours of my time to "advertising" him around different places and translating the chat to Russian for our russian colleagues. To put it short, am i worried? - of course i am, can i handle? - definitely. It might be "bumpy" start on 1st of March, but what ever comes - we are prepared. Next days will be focusing on preparing server (Clean installation), tripple checking each configuration made in server, still have some ai.obj development that needs to be finished, advertisement & there we go. Cheers, goodnight! PS: if Mod or admin wishes, he can lock the topic (but not delete it) - video is to show, what kind of people L2 servers are being Ran by (I'm sure you already knew, heres another example).
  12. Discussion Beyond.lt Threats against iPlay project

    you heard it right.
  13. Discussion Beyond.lt Threats against iPlay project

    Unfortunately , i dont want to "Sum it up" else it would be "Twisting Words", rather have it as it is.
  14. Lovely Gentleman wished to speak with me directly, which i accepted - moment he joined our discord channel he managed to insult my female colleagues (unfortunately i dont have that part shown), but you can judge your self about their project leader.
  15. Discussion Parnters