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  1. Hi @ericvini, could you please re-upload those login screen files? Thanks in advance!
  2. could you send me please link to the patch notes you are talking about? Thanks!
  3. i've tried web archive before i posted the question, and i found it incomplete. I'd really like to get full site download. But thanks for the suggestion anyway!
  4. Hey guys, i noticed that the legacy.lineage2.com site was completely removed. Isn't there anyone who downloaded it and can share it? Thanks a lot.
  5. @MasterToma can you please post whole hander code for the original and compiled ai.obj? Can you also share decompiled code?
  6. AFAICT you have to use proper AI for the mob to make it aggressive.
  7. Hey guys, i wrote simple a Symfony 3 Drop and Spoil application for our L2OFF L2 Shrine server, and i'd like to share it. It can be easily used together with our MyExt64 extender, as extender can generate drop / spoil data from it's files. You can find it on our bitbucket https://bitbucket.org/l2shrine/dropspoil. and you can have a look at it here https://dropspoil.l2shrine.com/. Cheers.
  8. === L2 Shrine Epilogue Update === Dear players, we are going to update our long running L2 Shrine Gracia Final server to Epilogue. Update will happen on October 1st. Server will shut down at 14:00 CET and will be open again at 16:00 CET. We are going to launch Epilogue Event to make life of newcomers much easier - players will receive vitality items and free B grade armor, weapons, soul shots and spiritshots. Rates will be increased during the event to: - 6x EXP/SP (7x for those who will vote) - 5x Adena/Drop/Spoil Clans will have oportunity to increase clan leve
  9. Can you describe in more detail what are you trying to achieve? I suppose you don't want to spawn RBs level < xx, right?
  10. AFAICT you have to specify all the ids and check them separately, something like this: In CREATED handler of the NPC: myself.int_list.Add( ID1 ); myself.int_list.Add( ID2 ); myself.int_list.Add( ID3 ); myself.int_list.Add( ID3 ); ... And then in TALKED handler loop trough the int_list and remove all the items: for( i0 = 0; i0 <= myself.int_list.GetSize(); ++i0 ) { i1 = myself.int_list.Get( i0 ); if( OwnItemCount( talker, i1 ) > 0 ) { DeleteItem1( talker, i1 ); ... // do other stuff } } Hope this helps.