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  1. Hello! I am willing to pay in order for someone to help me with this little project of mine. I am currently running a L2J server and I want to add a proxy slider functionality to it, to enable me to choose from multiple servers with different IPs, which are actually the same GameServer. I have the proxies, yes, but I can't seem to make the loginserver work with them: they always end up pointing to It should look like that: I should be able to choose any of those servers, each one would have a different IP, but in fact they all end up pointing to the same Game
  2. I've been using it through FileEdit++ (the latest version) and I've had no problems whatsoever, except with this particular file, that's why I'm asking for help :d Btw, this is the client where I'm trying to make this file work (Helios 64): https://drive.google.com/uc?id=0B_wJFNF_2fcJTE5oVm96emtlSlE&export=download And here is the modified skillname that Virus asked me: http://puu.sh/yJH1K/0f84a8dd49.7z If you know about any kind of software that can help me get this working without critical errors when launching l2.exe, it would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Thank you! The first thing I would like to change is actually really simple, just to test it. If you look at the skillname file you gave me, go to line 198593. It's the skill_id=30001 skill_level=5 . In that line, I would like to change the text "Attacks target with s1 Power" to "Attacks target with $s1 Power".
  4. That's great, thank you so much? Really easy to edit, too Now I only need to find a way or a program to encrypt it so the Lineage 2 client doesn't throw a critical error :P If you know of anything please let me know!
  5. It's not custom crypted, it's just the official skillname-e.dat file! -Tried the latest fileedit++ version, it doesnt work -Tried mxencdec (the one shared in this forum) and it can't encode the file, the client sends a critical error when trying to log-in.
  6. I've tried decoding the skillname-e.dat file from Helios system (http://puu.sh/yG48i/cb0365a014.rar) The decoding part works fine, but when encoding it back, the L2 client sends an error message (corrupted client files) when trying to log in :(
  7. Hi everyone, I'm willing to buy a way or a program to decrypt and encrypt this file: http://puu.sh/yG48i/cb0365a014.rar It's the skillname-e.dat file from the Helios client. So far not even the latest available FileEdit works with this particular file, so I'm willing to pay if someone gives me a hand with this. Thanks!
  8. Sup everyone I have been trying to use FileEdit++ (the latest version you can find on google) to edit the Helios/GrandCrusade system files, and so far everything works, except for one: the skillname-e.dat file. I've been asking around and people seem to think that the .ddf that comes with FileEdit is corrupted or badly written. I really need help with decrypting/encrypting this particular file :( PS: Adding a link to the file I want to decrypt/encrypt: http://puu.sh/yG48i/cb0365a014.rar Thanks everyone!
  9. Which AI? I have tried warrior_aggresive but it doesn't seem to work.