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  1. It's problems with some packet, that l2net "not understand correct". It's need in script, to fix it.
  2. you shire that Russia want? It's Crimea and this citizens want to be in Russia, they asked us to connect them. So not be fooly by your tv. I saw what showed on TV in Europe about that, it's don't have any real connection with facticial situation.
  3. Any shop that could deliver to Russia, for example I need in exhaust sytem (original).
  4. If I'm not wrong, there is only offers to sell the car.
  5. Guys, hello! May be some of you know any web shop/market with BMW parts? IIntresting in parts for F10. Thanks in advance!
  6. iPhone optimization not need in such hardware,it's shows more higher results,in games for ex. soo don't think about any droid devices !
  7. oh really?)) with online over 11000?))
  8. It's modified, and now also gameplay is in English