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  1. Complete assembly with all services Pernes under java 14 A lot has been fixed. The last thing that did not test the transfer services to KB and other donate services No NPCs, everything in KB is completely Multilangual Kernel without obfuscation, and without bindings, and without backdoors. Also instead of a dressme system, there is now a costume system. <set template ="true"/> <set temp_hair="7683"/> <set temp_face="6394"/> <set temp_chest="6373"/> <set temp_legs="6374"/> <set temp_gloves="6375"/> <set temp_feet="6376"/> wearing any thing (a tattoo for example) can look different (bottom, top, boots, gloves, helmet and wings are also available) Not tested. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  2. no i'm selling whole project L2Lionna Last version with cb and everything i mentioned
  3. Why would someone waste his money on scoria also why people are so stupid even now days trusting garbage scammers with 0 knowledge i will never understand those things my opinion after i read everything about this guy he should remain banned
  4. imagine being aggresive when someone says a fact lets see how good AC is cuz on a few servers already people botting using interfaces with ac
  5. WTS L2Lionna Project HF Build 200€ Full Source 400€ no bind ip Server is ready for opening Support & Editing is Extra 50€ unless you can do it by ur own Features Preview More Screenshots Discord: sanyol#3608 or pm me on forum
  6. Should we laught now or latter? Thats why you selling it for 30 dollars? Thats totally scam ona not even funny You deserve to be treated like that
  7. everything works perfect not missing any single texture you do something wrong about autohunt it's not my problem but creators problem who didnt managed to set it up properly
  8. because it's pointless everyone will use it and same story over again so i keep it for my personal use
  9. i do not care about your skillgrp or etc as you can see i've shared the interface only without your skillgrp as long there are mine codes i sharing it for everyone when you realize making something based on your own then i will simply respect your work
  10. but you've said you made it by your own if it was yours you would had used your own codes and not copying mine
  11. What do you mean exactly? if ( UnknownFunction132(UnknownFunction132(UnknownFunction132(UnknownFunction132(UnknownFunction132(UnknownFunction122(UserInfo.Name,"1234"),UnknownFunction122(UserInfo.Name,"12345678912")),UnknownFunction122(UserInfo.Name,"1234567891r")),UnknownFunction122(UserInfo.Name,"123")),UnknownFunction122(UserInfo.Name,"1234")),UnknownFunction122(UserInfo.Name,"1234567")) ) { goto JL00BA; }