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  1. Hi all, where i can find this sentence in l2j acis :D? i just wanna change from 5 min to 1, there is no in systemmsg-e.dat ..
  2. remote change, to don't go for search Roy the Cat manager :)
  3. Hello all, Maybe someone know how to make auto change class at 20,40,76 lvl? or have codes, l2j acis. Thank you..
  4. ok thinked and solved, ty, 1000000=100% x7= 7 items, 150k x7= 1050000=1 item xD
  5. Hi MxC! Hi have a problem. Well, my server have x7 raid boss drop rates in server.properties and grand bosses drops about 7 jewels (x7 valakas neclacke for example); I would like to put only 1 drop for each kill like normal servers. if i do x1 raid drop, then epic jewel drops 1, but other raid drop are so low.. thanks!