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  1. It existed in alpha versions I suppose but they've removed it during the beta phase.
  2. make a PK char in secret place and let the buyer kill it to drop items.
  3. Not with my tools. Some people can for money I guess. Nobody play l2 with sound on nowadays though.
  4. Made a new farmzone for ya Download Geodata in conv, l2j, l2d included. TP coords 110600 -236328 -3608
  5. that answer would've took a lot of time to translate into english so I made an exception
  6. Делаешь текстуру террейна пустышку (или копируешь с другого квадрата). Копируешь какой-нибудь пустой квадрат и раскодируешь его енкдеком, в нём хекс редактором все названия квадрата массово заменяешь на свой. Например было 22_22 ты меняешь это на имя нового квадрата 25_25 к примеру. Потом открываешь то говно что получилось в редакторе. Теперь тебе нужно сместить все объекты на карте на разницу в координатах квадрата-копии с предполагаемым центром нового квадрата. Чтобы это сделать делаешь таблицу в экселе с x и y и названями квадратов в колонках и столбцах соответственно, чтобы расчитать центр
  7. This editor can't open certain squares for some reason. It is an unfinished mod for unreal 2003 source where most functions work wrong or don't work at all. Crashes take more time than this tool actually works. You can make something if you're stubborn enough though.
  8. It won't last more than 6 months in my opinion.
  9. https://mega.nz/file/kU9WmKSb#Wvo7uqKxv8J0NC3vQcgcTTNQb6jMYZMmPmyiSuLAZHI
  10. MDT with additional space for traders. Found it on a garbage server on the net and added geodata (conv, l2d, l2j)
  11. It is there but since it irritates players it is better to port them to the lair directly.
  12. l2off = Lineage 2 l2j = a different game trying to look like Lineage 2. That's all you need to know.
  13. Admins collected the money and bought a new sportcar + tickets to Bahamas
  14. I was walking through the city junk yard with my friend. We found there an old PC which had CPU called “AMD Athlon 64x2”. To our disappointment, we couldn’t start the PC because the motherboard was rotten and lubricated with a cum-like liquid. We decided to extract an old 60GB hard drive to see what data is stored there. What we found was a no-gg system folder for Tauti client, protocol 448. But there was no game client. It seems the owner was extremely disappointed on either the client or the PC since the game probably wouldn’t run on a garbage hardware he had.
  15. just resave them with l2editor
  16. use gildor's ut2004 editor for that.
  17. You'd better start a new fork on new rev since acis is completely rewritten now compared to your rev.
  18. XP/SP: 15x Drop & Spoil: 5x Materials spoil amount: 3x ??? All characters will be lv80 karmian guys with shadow weapons
  19. unreal requirements. You either go "l2nezabudka" or go to new garbage servers. For pvp you can go l2toxic.
  20. Just another garbage server. You saw the description. Why even bother playing there?
  21. u need just to change drop calculation formula like I did in rhongominyad
  22. In terms of gameplay open-team pack is best for sure. But it is too complicated for a novice.
  23. 1 phrase cmon man. Make a pool of phrases which are chosen randomly upon talk with an npc. U can also check npc's sex and use that to deliver different phrases. Then if player used more 1kk upon buying something the trader should comment that in general chat. Or a big drop was sold so npc says that he received some nice goods etc. If you start to hit the merchant he should call the guards and they're spawning outside the shop and rush in to attack player ;)))