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  1. Before, I couldn't connect at all. Now on my mobile internet (mobile) it is possible to access. But on the wifi provider I still can't.
  2. Can anyone get me out of this doubt? I've been trying to access the aCis website for several days and I have no results. Did something happen there? https://acis.i-live.eu
  3. damm... You were right. I tested it on another computer and it worked perfectly. Thanks for the tip, sorry for the inconvenience. ^^ I managed to make it work also running through an external hard drive (pendrive) on this same computer that was a problem before...
  4. but I tested it on miko's version and normal version =/
  5. why I can't ediiiiiit? :´( Fuuuuuc.... https://imgur.com/a/nXD7fbz
  6. Share your file edit pls? Another file edit... https://imgur.com/a/oHdVCyx
  7. So why is it wrong with me? I first select the client (interlude-413 in this case), then choose the file, then it gives a warning saying that the file is possibly unencrypted, I continue and it only shows an L on the screen... https://imgur.com/a/HVuDbXB
  8. https://mega.nz/file/4DpEiZZR#q7pH7K-ixl-51OqoNT2iP4TfAw_lYo9TDZ110aNw_Nw your file has the "a," tags while mine doesn't... i think my questname is in trouble. "1 611 1 Alliance with Varka Silenos Form an Alliance! In order to obtain the Mark of Varka's Alliance..."
  9. Interlude Version I can even open the file in file edit, but I can't change and save it again, just like armogrp, weapongrp, itemname... Is there anything different about this dat?
  10. Has anyone altered through the questname and successfully saved any changes? I can't edit this dat even with prayer. Anyone who has changed it gives a help ai... I've tested several File Edit and so far none works in this file. 🤪 Protocol: 413
  11. Best developer An incredible job! Recommend ^^
  12. Could someone help me put the images of the items in the table? I don't understand much about java and I'm still learning. Thanks
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