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  1. Hello everyone, I would like to share this simple event. A registration npc spawns at a specific time and announces the registration as any event, after that everyone will have a time to register and those that are registered will be taken to a configured location where they will have time to kill the boss that will spawn. Each must achieve a minimum damage to the boss to receive the rewards. There are also two active functions: Last Attacker Reward and Main Damage Dealer reward. Both announced on the boss's death. Enjoy. Code
  2. far as I know, I think it’s not possible. My idea would be to parse the decrypted item descriptions. After that create a table with all the information in your code and generate an xml parser to obtain the description of each item. Finally just create a method in your L2Item to get the description of your table.
  3. I can write a code smth like this. Just send me a PM.
  4. As said, you have to change The info sent to yourself and other players in the UserInfo and CharInfo classes. After that, just create some method In your Pc instance class that updates the title as the amount of PvPs of this player when he kills someone
  5. Check your attackable Java class. Find the responsible method for Monsters dropping itens and insert your validation for each level rate. If you need any help send me a PM
  6. Hey MxC I'd like to share a simple, but util java modification. It's written for aCis, but you can simple adapt to any chronicle and project by changing the XML parser. This mod will allow you to set specific drops to specific monsters with determined level range, or determined class (RB, GB, Normal Mobs...) with chances. Why i made this mode? Normally L2J set monster drops like > Monster "X" have Items "Y" as drops. Then, to facilitate servers configuration i did the opposite. Like: Item "X" will be dropped by a specific range of mobs. There are 2 types of