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  1. Unfortunately in this case Disable broadcasting from soulshot.java etc works only on weapon. It's possible by disable magicskilluse but it works for everyone, not just for specified by some field etc
  2. Hello, I'm trying to add disable soulshots/spiritshots effects option to player menu to improve game performance and i'm stuck. I searching answer across the internet and this forum but things that i'm tried can't be implemented in l2jserver. Change broadcast gave me almost nothig. The same with listening of client packets. The only working thing is to change broadcasting in soulshot handler but it works only on weapon and expolosion on target is still visible. Is it possible to disable it on server side? Best regards
  3. Hello, i'm working on premium account and i need a little help. I created a database table with premium account data and this data is loaded on player login. As i saw in L2Attackable.java there is a method doItemDrop and line deathItems = npcTemplate.calculateDrops(DropListScope.DEATH, this, player); so i added if (player.hasPremium()) { deathItems = npcTemplate.calculateDrops(DropListScope.PREMIUMDEATH, this, player); } else{ deathItems = npcTemplate.calculateDrops(DropListScope.DEATH, this, player); } To DropListScope i ad
  4. On this subject everything went well. The topic can be closed I have a problem with something else but it's not related and I'll dig a little before ask for help Sorry for late reply Best Wishes
  5. I need to know how to handle action after click on this small question mark. In your way after broadcast this message question mark appear but this is not what i need or i don't get how this things are connected
  6. Not quite, it's text passing as paremeter of BroadCast.toAllOnlinePlayers(new CreatureSay(0, Say2.PARTY, "[Party]" , text)); and in this way i receive question mark button in chat
  7. Thank you for your answer I put sendMessage to RequestTutorialQuestionMark and OnPlayerTutorialQuestionMark but it don't work for my button. Ofc I check it on tutorial button and i receive message so I think my chat button have a wrong type. I made chat button by "\b\tType=1 \tID=" + id + "\t \tColor=0 \tUnderline=0 \tTitle=\u001B\u001B\b" I already tried couple numbers for type but except above only Type=2 works and on click it's show empty black box but not handled like tutorial question mark. I'm tested another listeners from EventType class but i didn't found any
  8. My mistake. Unfortunatelly i can't delete/move post
  9. Hello, today i'm working on party voice command system and i'm stuck. I broadcast message with question mark to all active players but I don't have idea how to detect click and handle it. I spend all day on it and message with button is all what i've done. I was trying to made custom listener but unsuccessfully. I don't even know is that possible. I'm looking for advice or direciton where to search in code something similar Best wishes
  10. I made easy console app to get this info from url and save it to database. Not best option but works 🙂 Sory for late answer. Best wishes
  11. Hello, I'm working on auction house and I would like to show description and stats (like p.atk) of item in purchase page. I can parse xml's with item stats to get p. atk info etc but what with item description? I spend last few hours to find answer in code and google but so far i know the description is stored in client data. It's possible to get those informations through java code? All the best
  12. Hello, I'm curently working on community board with stuff like from top mid rate servers. Buffer, Gm Shop (except sell option) and Gatekeeper weren't issue but i stuck at services like blacksmith, dye manager and warehouse. I tryied to bypass command from exisiting npcs like for augmentation: "bypass -h npc_%objectId%_Augment 1" but after button click nothing happends. Maybe someone more experienced could direct me on proper path how to handle this 🙂 Edit: I'm using latest l2jserver distribution
  13. After fail looking i start play there and i was wait for IO, but after update i leave the server. Like u say dont worth :)