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  1. Hello, I'm working on auction house and I would like to show description and stats (like p.atk) of item in purchase page. I can parse xml's with item stats to get p. atk info etc but what with item description? I spend last few hours to find answer in code and google but so far i know the description is stored in client data. It's possible to get those informations through java code? All the best
  2. Hello, I'm curently working on community board with stuff like from top mid rate servers. Buffer, Gm Shop (except sell option) and Gatekeeper weren't issue but i stuck at services like blacksmith, dye manager and warehouse. I tryied to bypass command from exisiting npcs like for augmentation: "bypass -h npc_%objectId%_Augment 1" but after button click nothing happends. Maybe someone more experienced could direct me on proper path how to handle this 🙂 Edit: I'm using latest l2jserver distribution
  3. After fail looking i start play there and i was wait for IO, but after update i leave the server. Like u say dont worth :)
  4. I think about rpg but they have fake online. Now in site i see 2700 online but in giran is around 15 people. Ofc maybe with shops they have this online.
  5. Hello. I'm looking for biggest low rate h5 server :)
  6. I looking for boot to lineage2ertheia.com/ server. Ofc i can can pay. I used adrenaline beefore but after update to infinite odyssey he don't work.
  7. So, I need to wait. Thanks for answers. :)
  8. Like i said in first post i looking for infinite odyssey server. lineage2ertheia.com it's a ertheia client with some staff from infinite odysey but isn't infinite odyssey.
  9. yes, and this isn't infinite odyssey but ertheia client.
  10. On lineage2media.com i click "play now" then i see lineage2ertheia.com and i check forum.... it's not infinite odyssey
  11. There is any infinite odyssey high rate serwer with good online? I play on tenkai but it's not sever for me.
  12. There is any way to do this w/o VM or pay?