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  1. Do you even do anything else than shit on everything? I genuinely don't know know if you are actually being nice this time or just being a sarcastic cunt like always.
  2. I gave up on the idea to run a private server, but thumbs up, what you are doing is beyond awesome!
  3. @Anarchy Like I said before, it is 2019. If I had my knowledge 10 years ago, then perhaps I would consider investing my time in a project such as dissembling binaries. As it is, I would much rather reverse engineer an emulator for BDO that waste 3 years of my time on a project that is going to flop, because no one is going to play the game by the time I am done, at least no one that I know. //end
  4. Well, you can't be possibly older than 12 right? That's awesome and all for someone with experience in this specific niche. We have a semi functional server running, but it took us a couple of hours at minimum (you know, looking through outdated guides have a tendency to cause that).
  5. You don't offer C3-C4 chronicles. We were already more than willing to purchase the licence, but were denied by your customer support. If you are willing to disable certain features with your extender, just give me a pm.
  6. It's not wanting server files for free. It's 2019, this game is 16 years old at this point. People just want to setup a decent server and play the game with their buddies. You people here keep pretending like there is still some sort of profit to be made with these files. Tell me, just who the fuck still wants to play this game, unless your only focus is to launch a server for 3rd world countries like Brazil? You can give me the original C4 files right now and I promise you the server won't have more than 50 people online, if I'm lucky. Most of the people who ask for these files are people who just want a stable server to play on with their friends, without having to deal with the retarded policies some of the remaining servers have. I have a group of friends who are high end programmers and we gave up while trying to setup a decent server, because it's just too much work for something that no one is going to play at this point. You keep saying that it takes 10 min to setup a server, but you keep forgetting that you have something that 99% of people around here don't have - experience! You know which files are good, which are bad, what goes where. As a system administrator I can fix any OS problem under 10 min, because I know what I am doing, but I sure as fuck can't setup a server in 10 minutes. It takes me longer just to setup an sql server for Lineage. Get your head out of your ass and start being helpful to people if you don't want for the Lineage to die off completely. And for the record in our case at least, we used to be part of one of the first L2 servers - MobL2. We had a completed base for C3/C4 at that point. Years went by, followed by a couple of hardware failures and we lost all of the files.
  7. Any plans to extend this to C3 and make it compatible with a downgraded interlude client? I work in C# not C++ and I've only been modifying C4 clients so far, but if someone is willing to give me some directions, I'm willing to put some serious time into the project.
  8. So if I understand correctly, you are not using a dedicated auth server, which means that I should be able to run the server locally, without a WAN IP? Am I allowed to bind the server to an internal IP, for example
  9. Is it possible to downgrade this to C3/C4 with an Interlude Client? I can handle the client modifications myself. Also, am I limited to a hardware ID key? Or am I free use this pack wherever I want, for example 20 years from now, when you are no longer reachable?
  10. L2 classic is going strong on retail. Sure it has an updated engine, but it's basically C2.
  11. That's still leaves us with my original question: "What C4 base to pick?" We are currently running a mixture of PostPacific, RaGEZONE, L2Storm, L2Merchant and the pack shared by @Kabaite, it works, but barely. We are not experiencing any major issues, but NPC logs are full of errors and I got a suspicion that we have to re-script half of the NPC data. Is there a decent pack around? Money isn't exactly an issue, we are all adults on this project, but we don't have the time to debug the pack for the next 12 months to get it working correctly. Is the pack from @agnitium reliable? And to clarify, no, we are not going to succumb to the sensationalist descriptions, so no worries @Kara`. We grew up playing Lineage 2 and we want to preserve its world for the future. If anything, we'd prefer to lunch a C2 server, but those files are impossible to find.
  12. @SGuard @Kara` I'm going to hijack this thread to ask you a C4 related question, even though I feel slightly discouraged after reading Kara's response "If you tell them their respond is "No.. i dont do for this or donations". I got my hands on a dual Xeon x5670 machine with 96GB ram and thought about dedicating it to a L2 server (it's not much, but should be enough for a L2 server). The idea is to set it up, leave it running and never touch it again, like a little nostalgia bubble. To the question: is it pointless? I'm working on this with another ex dev, he used to be part of the MobL2 team, together with Tantor and jap (if anyone remembers those guys), but he doesn't remembers much, as it was 12 years ago. We managed to combine around 5 different server packs into a semi functional one, but still have some issues with NPC and GeoData errors and the documentation regarding it is scarce, really scarce. He's a decent programmer, but we went into this mostly as a tribute to our childhood, so starting with the basics and compiling everything from scratch to host a server with 50 active people seems like a major waste of time. Can the two of you point me in the right direction, or to someone who is willing to help? Our goal was to setup a functional C4 server, as basic as possible and leave it at it, no donations, no forum, just a discord channel. We have the server and a dedicated connection, so it can be online for the next 10 years with basically 0 maintenance costs. Thanks.
  13. I get quite a few flags downloading this. Care to elaborate? (Thanks for the share tho) https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/99f8b6e5d45bc7b5c3bdc5aeeae09c85ab8e2b64b470d6ee283d5471de140e12/detection