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  1. Doesn't work for a C1 client, does for work Interlude tho.
  2. Sorry, could you double check this file, I want to confirm that I'm not crazy and C6 doesn't include most of the TexEnv%%props.txt files. This is what gets exported for me using umodel: MShaman.utx from a fresh install (C6): https://gofile.io/d/qu20bz Worse case scenario, I'll just pull textures out of Gracia Final, or a later chronicle.
  3. @SGER@fjsIn my specific problem, I am trying to port the C6 textures into a C1 client and keep them as authentic as I possibly can, so knowing which of the textures included in the Cubemap textures to include is "vital". I have a feeling that we are not on the same page. 1. MShaman gets exported into 338 .tga textures (C6) 2. The MShaman\TexEnvMap only incudes 4 TexEnvMap properties, for .tga Specular textures that are included in the MShaman package, so: - t_ma.tga -t_maj.tga -t_wedd.tga 3. For every other .tga texture, you only get a Shader prop
  4. Yeah, the thing is that it doesn't, not all of them anyway. I can export about 8 of of the 60+ TexEnvMap modifier properties, so everything in between is just guessing which Specular Texture to match. I talked to GIldor about it and he confirmed it, here is his reply: "Ok, then I understood things right, as I mentioned in previous message - there's no link between cubemap and its 6 textures. Probably because UE3 and UE4 has perfect matching - there will be a folder with cubemap's name, and it will contain those 6 textures. It seems this doesn't work for UE2, and I can't do anything to fix at A
  5. I was asking, because this is what gets extracted when I run the UModel tool from Gildor: If I use Gildor's Extractor tool, then the list is much larger, but the files seem to be encoded:
  6. Do you know where _bh (back head) animations/textures are defined? It's not under chargrp. Hairgrp perhaps, but it's encrypted in some weird format?
  7. So is the "Specular = TexEnvMap'LowBody.TexEnvMap1'" basically just a placeholder? I'm trying to guess the reasoning for its inclusion? I guess it is kind of like how the Tallum/Majestic, etc. plate have included the whole "dream catcher" mesh, but the devs never bothered to include a texture? One last thing if you can. Do you know what's the difference between using a Shader with OB_Masked or Final Blend with FB_AlphaBlend? I'm guessing that FB_AlphaBlend is more resource heavy, but that hardly matters in 2020? I can for example achieve the same visual result, at leas
  8. I have successfully converted most of the C6 textures to work with a C1 client, but what I am missing is a lot of TexEnvMap classes. For example, a Shader will have them defined as such: Diffuse = Texture'LowBody.MShaman_m002_t59_l_ori' NormalMap = None Opacity = Texture'LowBody.MShaman_m002_t59_l_ori' Specular = TexEnvMap'LowBody.TexEnvMap1' SpecularityMask = Texture'LowBody.MShaman_m002_t59_l_sp' SelfIllumination = None SelfIlluminationMask = None Detail = None DetailScale = 8 OutputBlending = OB_Normal (0) TwoSided = true Wireframe = false But I can not find an
  9. @FrankSo far all of the B grade has a bug in one form or another on MShaman. I'll cycle through all of the armor and let you know. From what I understand there was a mesh change in certain mage models that was introduced in C2. My attempts of fixing it, have been futile so far. Male mystic has issues with Blue Wolf / Zubei textures.
  10. Does anyone remember how to fix this bug with MShaman in Chronicle 1?
  11. @Tassadar"My" solution. I used the Cyrillic chat patch, which seems to work and I made the text more visible, I use the 50% shadow option. I also added 50% shadow to SmallFont-e to match the default NA/EU look. Files: https://gofile.io/d/4kirS2
  12. I followed your advice and changed around alpha channel thickness and the result is the same. Do you have a sample that works? I managed to "solve" the problem with the "Russian Chat Patch" and I have a feeling that the issue lies underneath, probably in NWindow.dll or Engine.dll. Also, what about this? @Tassadar Itemname-e.txt: npc_begin id=3 nickcolor=default nick=[Warehouse Keeper] name=[Taurin] npc_end npc_begin id=7086 nickcolor=default nick=[Warehouse Keeper] name=[Taurin] npc_end Do you have any clue where else the C1 client could be pulling NPC valu
  13. Can someone explain this error to me. There is an undefined spawn at position 984, but there? I checked just about every Script with NPC in it to no avail.