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  1. @SGER@fjs yeah. comfirmed... is armor/weapon auto equip... i delete all possible weapons/armor with words Pets/strider... but still same "BUG" it might be autoeuip on server side... no info in scripts... on server side... Is not server broadcast also... Solution Found. Renamed Bip01_head
  2. Even if i create new class... No problems when i spawn him as Pet...it happens when i mount him... It looks like "Server(Client)" add Special Mesh with texture when mounted. My LineageMonster.u
  3. I made Custom Strider... works fine.. BUT : maybe somebody can help me ? how to remove this "CROWN" ?
  4. maybe. but i cant ignore others sets,they are for my own mostly 😄
  5. @NevesOma Thank you! I'am Appreciate your comment ! Thank you for help also. @HarmonyYou probably took my words "Remastered" too literal. Okay maybe is not fully "Remastered". I will correct myself : Is "Remastered add-on" small sized to make your game different, another, to diversify the boring appearance and behavior of your character.
  6. Here is no reason to "Remastered" all things in client. i just modifie the most useful in the game. Im not getting mad, im okay with your crytics. Is just your version of "Remastered" is different. I do not said im gonna remake FULL CLIENT Remastered ( NPCs, Cities , even GRASS! ) Just the most usable things!
  7. cuz 300 is my Goal! Possible or not we will see. "To achieve that my investment ( so far ) is more than 25.000 euros already and the total files are more than 10gb. Its not only about the looks, its about mechanics as well" here i dont get ya. new Animations mechanics works perfect! Also i have no idea for what you are spend these euros.
  8. Hello Lads! Here i will introduce my "Remastered" version of Lineage 2 Interlude. My goal is to make the interlude Remastered add-on with a final archive no more than 300 Mbs! Includes : new animations (including hair as you can see), Modify Top Game Sets. And also remake character class skills (Add Visual effects, including ViewShake effects) and, if there is any Mbs left, add new sounds ^ _ ^ I planed to add cloak also, but it's difficult to make a smoother animation with only 2 free bones for it (Yes, I know its about dream, but i will try) I would like to discuss abo
  9. yea. i saw your fix in "another wellknown ru-site" thank you! work fine!
  10. i would like to buy it also. bump.
  11. Compiled new LineageWarrior.u based on Grand Crusade client and change Facerotate to False. i will share my work when i end with it. Took LineagePawn, Pawnnomesh and RidePawn from grand Crusade, characters properties from Interlude !