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  1. Hi to all! Again i raise that old "dust" about Dynasty i know... now i try add Jeweler, Platium and Satin Dynasty into interlude.... Again typical problem with "shoulder attach" i have not found any tutorial how to add properly...my knowledge in 3ds max is pathetic ( same is my English i know) I start with Blender.... used blender 2.8 ... i added both models... connected em with each other... WORKS! looks fine... no problem... even bones seems to remain in their own places.. exported .PSK model...! Import in UE.... WOOOOOOOOOOORKS! Textures attached correctly....TH
  2. yeah. i had same problem when i add Shop NPC. he has HP bar 😄 thanks for reminding me how to edit)
  3. I had same problems long time ago... if i remember... : try last in npcgroup > last columns(or previous) > from 0 to 1.
  4. im alone who getting issue with Unreal Effect? Can't find edit package 'lineagemonster' error ? Sorry. Fixed.
  5. @sacrifice yeah. i got same problem. grade mark works fine. but when i enchant weapon M.atk goes to - 21473712713. ( if i makes s80 grade (grade7)