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  1. What should we answer in this topic?
  2. They use not only mining, their program monitors the text that you are copying, searches for BC accounts, and when you press CTRL + V replaces it with another's account. you copy - s7g7gshf9asf7sd you insert - f88gazhhn832fkfa This is an example.
  3. What about bugs and duplicate items(dups)? The problem was only in the lack of new features?
  4. Hi all, I'm looking for a full Lineage 2 Awakening client 415 protocol, clean, with gg & etc.. Thx!
  5. example: Full REWARD = 100 adena; Attacker1(10k DMG)+Attacker2(3k DMG) = 13k DMG LastHit - Killer; Killer got >60% of rewards If killer Attacker1: Attacker1 take ~ 75 adena, attacker2 ~25 adena, (if dmg from Attacker2 3-4-5k, he got 30-35-40 adena) If attackers more then 2, separate second reward(40%) for all. Support got reward for heal\debufs etc.