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  1. Thanks, one more question, where can I learn the script syntax ?
  2. hello, how do i declare string array ? Sth like this String[] array = {'x';'y';'z'}
  3. Thanks for your info! i'll try search deeper.
  4. Please see my recent post, plus my server's using CliExt, not smartguard.
  5. Hi Adr.bot, u mean this?, this is send pm to anyone, how can i modify it to reply if someone pm me ? Thanks !!
  6. Hi Adr.bot, can you share auto reply pm script please !
  7. Can some one make a guide with extender please :( I read @Anarchy guide already but could not understand well :(
  8. Why not windows 10, I have storm, but only tested with windows 2k3
  9. im curious too! How many windows version are compatible with vanganth's files ?
  10. Hi Zeeyo, Can you share C4 authgated, I also tried with c4 60215 but could not log in. I can only login with AuthD 4xxxx