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  1. Not true, take for example L2oldskool C3 client, runs fine under latest Windows 10, and their launcher.bat was made long time before Windows 10 cumulative updates.
  2. Thanks, this could be useful, perhaps @eressea could be interested to finish it.
  3. I talked with the guy, I dont know if he is skilled or not, how could I know really, he is looking for someone to share expenses on l2off binaries, because pts is bugged, etc. The prices are kinda high for old expansion in my taste, and at least one of the guys he told me that sells those binaries/ai, well he is banned for scamming some peeps, we didnt get anywhere because he doesnt have time to wait to check out those developers selling stuff, and I need time to know who is who and check them if I was interested in investing money into this. Anyway, the main purpose of this topic is exactly that, I think you should write it down in your first post so people interested know what you expect from them.
  4. Its part of history, postpacific was the mother of l2off, a downloadable archive, at some point would be very welcome as well.
  5. No worries mate, best of luck!
  6. Won't tell you what to do, but please, be honest, this is Trance's pack, there is one thing in the pics that confirms it. One typo in a certain npc that was in the first place in Trance's pack, so yeah... Good luck anyway.
  7. Mythras pack uses Java 8, use mysql 5.5 and you'll be fine, to install the database use the provided installer.
  8. Nice clicks, is there a way to completely remove clcks? Just blank, no clicks whatsoever, I had it in a c4 somewhere and found was kinda cool, but can't find the thing right now.
  9. Well if you look in the last page of the share thread, the is a post with this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19HGBnpc1veDE46olyRewzdy92LZDtqu7/view?usp=sharing This one does have all the files inside and you will get the dll compiled this time, but dunno what that guy changed or not in the source, so dont use it for live.
  10. Best of luck mate, will try to be there :)
  11. L2jLisvus, for OFF I dunno except what is already shared here and there.
  12. To install mythras files? Its easy, install the database with the installer, apply the client patch, change the ip of l2.ini and that's it.