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  1. Ребята, подскажите у кого есть не плохая geodata и pathnode для c4, буду очень благодарен! Build-Team_c4_rev10 pack
  2. This is L2OFF section, your first question was about cacheD, now this one is about java, it has nothing to do with L2OFF, better post it in the right section.
  3. thx you very much, i have new problem; INFO Connecting to login on 00:34:36 INFO Disconnected from Login, Trying to reconnect: 00:34:36 INFO java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: connect . how i can connect java with server can you help me?
  4. Hello guys ,can someone help to me with this problem?
  5. Hello guys i need to buy c4 Server low rate , PM for prices .thx