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  1. its not a p2w server, you can get everything from farm!
  2. http://www.l2sp.eu/ INFO http://www.l2sp.eu/
  3. Hi guys, Which l2j pack project in your opinion is the most stable and worth on building a l2j mid/nocustom pvp/custom pvp server? Personally I started from l2jfrozen but pack had serious issues and the project got closed. Now I've seen they are trying to revive it but unsuccessfully(they haven't made pack publicly accessible this year and they are very slow). After that was using acis for few years but got disappointed with constant bullsh*t updates, dev team not focusing on what needs to be working. Pack for them is a sandbox to try out new java concepts, even if you might break what's working already. Who had experience with aCis will know what I mean. There are tons of successful aCis servers just because admins took pack while it was somewhat stable (~1-2 years ago), and applied only necessary fixes manually from updates. Other than that latest aCis updates for this year was like shifting furniture around the house in the weird way, not inventing something new. Tried out luceral2 a couple years ago and it seemed nice. After it was bought by another dev team source is not available anymore and old one had really serious bugs. Personally, I think this java project is the most stable now, however we will never have access to the source bcs admin is afraid of 10000000 new forks appearing thus ruining his business. That said, I would like to hear your opinions, maybe there is some another pack out there which would be stable, would have source access?
  4. NEW L2RELOAD CUSTOM PVP SERVER SEASON STARTS THIS SATURDAY at 20:00EET! More info: http://l2reload.net Information: MAIN INFO Chronicle: Interlude (aka C6) Type: Custom PvP No Grade and Weight penalty Anti heavy Offline shop system Unique Economy System(Adena is the main currency) Stable Platform Constantly evolving classes balance Full interlude geodata/pathnode In-game vote rewards mass+individual. Castle Sieges Giran and Adena every week Custom Buffer Full+Custom GMSHOP SERVER RATES EXP 700x SP 800x ADEN 1000x DROP 1x ENCHANT RATES Safe +5 Max +20 Simple Scrolls 85% (Max +16) Blessed Scrolls 95%(Max +16) Crystal Scrolls 100%(Max +20) CUSTOM ITEMS Level 1 Items: Epic armors/weapons Dynasty armors/weapons Valakas armors/weapons Antharas armors/weapons Level 2 Items: Reload Weapons Reload Armors Reload Jewelery Other Items: Special Tattoos Wings Masks with stats ZONES Many special custom zones! 12 Raidbosses with their separate zones COMMANDS .online .repair .title /pin .autopot OLYMPIAD Retail olympiad Constanly evolving olympiad classes balance Competition period week (hero changes every Monday at 23:59) Olympiad start time 18:00 end 00:00 EVENTS Event engine with 11 events every 30-40 minutes! Special GM Events CLAN Max clans in ally: 2 Max members in clan: 15 More info: http://l2reload.net