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  1. WTB L2 Facebook page, pm me with your contacts (skype/discord)
  2. WTB Tournament event, auction house mod and other mods PM me with skype/discord
  3. Looking for a creative person who could make nice looking HTML shops for my mid server npc. PM
  4. need some help connecting active ac to my java project. pm me with your skype/discord
  5. Need a website for C6 server. Looking for a good designer and a good coder (to convert html/css/psd to php, add statistics scripts with cache, news and etc.) PM me with your skype/discord
  6. need help with setting up ddos protection firewall rules and GRE tunnels (OVH), pm me with your discord skype
  7. LF for english and russian speaker, need help with posting in forummaxi/mmo-dev forums. PM me
  8. Hey guys, We are looking for strong and trusted Java developer for a downgrade project (Need to downgrade H5->C6, our base is a russian pack and we already have a C6 datapack). Deadline: 2-3 weeks (you will be working with 2 other developers). Reward: Up to 50EUR/day(negotiable) (must be available at least 5-6 hours every working day) Requirements: Intellij IDEA GIT Java L2J (experience with downgrading packets, adapting datapack, writing parsers is a must) English language Strong time organizational skills
  9. Server starts this Saturday!
  10. Really? Motherfucker I didnt invent anything. Go to l2wod.com discord server and read bug reports from players, your pack is shit. Fucking wake up.
  11. Hey guys, after lots of sleepless nights and testing in beta we are finally ready for LIVE mode! We want to announce to you about the grand opening of L2RIP debut season! L2RIP PVP Server starts at JANUARY 09 (SATURDAY) at 20:00 GMT+2 Website: https://l2rip.com Gameplay: Chronicle: Interlude Rates: All x1000 (PVP) Main town: Giran Starting/Subclass level: 80 NPC: Global Gateekeper GMSHOP (free S-Grade items) Buffer (fast buffer and scheme buffer) Skill Enchanter (All Classes) Subclass Manager (All
  12. This Kamex guy is crazy, he believes his own lies :D He is able to convince only noob admins who work with compiled version and never saw source.