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  1. What do you mean by double war?
  2. Just out of curiosity, how old are you to call me a kiddo? Edit: Thats what I thought :)
  3. I already got a life, a wife and a proper work. L2 is just hobby, that's why I don't have time to sit 24/7 and fix your bugs that you cant even describe :) Learn to play L2, now in 10 years of playing all you know is how to play with warlord and bitch in forums.
  4. No need for your lectures about how to build a server, since you don't have anything to show. Talk to me when you have server.
  5. Thank you boy, if you notice any new problems let me know. Good luck with building the perfect server.
  6. 10 years of playing lineage2 and all you know is how to farm with a warlord. There is a party farm zone where you go with destroyer and have full items in 1 day if you want to. There also are raidbosses you just need to gather one party and go kill them. Stop repeating what you already said and stop acting like a smartass. If you are so smart create your own server, when you will get cancer from kids crying let me know then we can sit down and have a proper discussion. Now all you are doing is just attacking.
  7. Sorry that you had negative experience, but let me clear a few things for you: That is normal nowadays because you players change servers more often than socks. If you want server with no wipes consider playing in global. If server becomes empty after 2-3 weeks, I will not wait for 1 year to wipe it just you could be happy. I'm sorry that I was not able to respond to you, but rest assured all problems are logged and I work on fixing problems when I find time. Usually I do it before starting wiped server again. I never play with a GM character. NEVER. I dont understand why players who join PVP server keep crying about getting PK'ed. I created a safe newbie zone where you can farm until you have all items and enchant them. It is your own problem that you go to pvp zones with +0 items and then get PK'ed.
  8. L2DC is L2J and raidking is launching on it :)
  9. Long story short, I have some emails from my old players and Im reopening a project soon. I want to send a newsletter to them and I want to make sure that letters go to inbox. PM ME if you can help me with that. P.S. If all you know is how to add an email list to mailchimp, mailerlite or another 3rd party and then click send button then don't contact me. I am looking for an experienced person who has experience with Amazon SES, warming up new domains, configuring spf/dkim/dmarc/custom envelope(return path). After u contact me I will ask you to make a demo (send some emails to inbox verification service) to see if they go to inbox.
  10. King of marketing but his emails go to spam lol. Double triple quadruple check the guy before getting into any business with him.
  11. So I understand project was sold? Because skype support told me that.
  12. https://battlelog.co/hwid-spoofer-changer/ https://adrix.pro/en/spoofer/
  13. I would rather go and watch Twilight movie again with my girlfriend then open 25 tabs and try to read your conversation. Copy paste all text or something. Anyways if he started this then it's even worse then I thought.