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  1. Long story short, I have some emails from my old players and Im reopening a project soon. I want to send a newsletter to them and I want to make sure that letters go to inbox. PM ME if you can help me with that. P.S. If all you know is how to add an email list to mailchimp, mailerlite or another 3rd party and then click send button then don't contact me. I am looking for an experienced person who has experience with Amazon SES, warming up new domains, configuring spf/dkim/dmarc/custom envelope(return path). After u contact me I will ask you to make a demo (send some emails to inbox verification service) to see if they go to inbox.
  2. King of marketing but his emails go to spam lol. Double triple quadruple check the guy before getting into any business with him.
  3. So I understand project was sold? Because skype support told me that.
  4. https://battlelog.co/hwid-spoofer-changer/ https://adrix.pro/en/spoofer/
  5. I would rather go and watch Twilight movie again with my girlfriend then open 25 tabs and try to read your conversation. Copy paste all text or something. Anyways if he started this then it's even worse then I thought.
  6. I see, nevermind then. My main point was that you need to learn from this experience. Next time don't start bragging about how much money you are spending, because that will backfire. He's the monopoly, and you are just another server admin. That's how things are.
  7. Why are you going around and telling people how much money are you spending? If I go to your server website I see a live chat where the support (probably you) is processing paypal payments manually. What the hell? You are spending $500 usd for ads and cant buy an automatic donate system? It seems that you wanted to flex that you spent $500 and that backfired with admin seeing a potential cashgrab. Then you had to humiliate yourself and run back to him with your tail between your legs because he knows that you don't have that much money and actually rely on topzone for ads. That's only my opinion, I didn't read your full chat (because its freaking 25 screenshots. Nobody is wasting their time for that. For god's sake make it one long screenshot and maybe then someone will read it). As for topzone it has a monopoly (kind of). I also had some situations in the past where I would get into ridiculous arguments with him, but for most part he provides good and fast support.
  8. Some topsites allow registering new servers only if you authenticate via facebook. During that authentication, who knows what kind of data they extract.
  9. Looking for a good smtp or emailing service. I already have a list of emails of players that I want to send emails to. PM me with your skype/facebook
  10. Buying captcha/protection bot protection for interlude (acis) that works with sguard Already tried this one https://maxcheaters.com/topic/196409-bots-prevention-_v11-acis/ But this protection is not working with sguard antibot because they override some files related to the way crests are being loaded (this way is utilized by antibot as well) Already tried lots of captcha protections but still sguard block their packet. Ideally looking for protection that popups a window with questions/answers every X monsters killed. pm me with your skype or facebook
  11. Previously it was. However how do you know that people have +20 customs? Server is easy, so it is easy to farm in first hour :)
  12. And yet not one topic to unite all discussions to one and not one solution for all problems.