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  1. BUYING FB GROUPS SPAM SERVICES Pm me with your discord or skype
  2. Stop lying. You did half of the fix and went to sleep. I finished fixing my proble myself and u woke up 5 hours later and I showed you how I fixed it
  3. I asked you to help me fix my login problem. After your fix players were not able to connect for 2 more hours until I finished the fix. What part you dont understand? I can give you example that you can understand: I ask you to fix my car because its broken doesnt turn on and doesnt ride. You make half of the fix: car turns on. But if you switch gear it doesnt drive. Then you scream and tell me that your work is done. No boy your work is done when car is working properly. Why you cant understand this and why you care only about yourself? Also dont forget wh
  4. We agreed 100usd if you fix login issue to my server. You logged in to my pc, made half of fix (which was commenting one line of code by the way) and went to sleep for 7 hours. Meanwhile after your half fix all players were stuck in server selection screen @Celestine can confirm because he helped me to test. For 2 houra everybody was stuck in login screen until I found what to fix and problem was resolved. 5 hours later you wake up and instantly login to my pc to finish the work which I already finished myself. I paid you half becau
  5. WTB L2 Facebook page, pm me with your contacts (skype/discord)
  6. WTB Tournament event, auction house mod and other mods PM me with skype/discord
  7. Looking for a creative person who could make nice looking HTML shops for my mid server npc. PM
  8. need some help connecting active ac to my java project. pm me with your skype/discord
  9. Need a website for C6 server. Looking for a good designer and a good coder (to convert html/css/psd to php, add statistics scripts with cache, news and etc.) PM me with your skype/discord