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  1. where you get this information? I know that fabio stole l2scripts essence files, and hes the owner of projectessence.
  2. Initial price and what price for subscription? Also any popular servers running on mobius? Afaik essence-project is running on l2scripts and its most popular essence server.
  3. Also dont forget to automatically leave party if player changes/adds a new subclass. Or when he learns a profession.
  4. This is a feature of active anticheat. They modified l2.exe to make it work.
  5. From where did you pull out that "janitor" card? If you take away daily dramas/flexes between sexually frustrated manchilds who visit this forum then u will have just server ads spam/scammers spam/ shares copypasted from l2jbrasil/ru forums. Thats it. Visit russian communities, you will not see such shit happening.
  6. Just wondering do you even speak any second language yourself Ron? Like can you even make sentences in a second language?
  7. Don't compare drugs with a gameserver. Stop spreading panic that people will go to jail because of running l2j servers. People need to understand that lineage2 private servers themselves are legal. Only way they can get to you is via website (if you use trademarked media, keywords and etc.). Any software developer who works professionally or anyone who attended patent lectures in university know this. For example, l2jserver.com is running under GPLV3 licence as an emulator for "learning purposes". Thats all you need in your website to cover yourself from allegations of pirating. Especially if you run a java server, which does not have any resemblence to the leaked L2OFF files. Only way ncsoft/innova can get you is on trademark (using l2/lineage2 keywords, images in website and etc.), and for that reason having a message like "all trademark rights belong to their respective owners" used to be enough in the past. Worst that they can do now is ban your domain, so I noticed lots of servers who started moving on domains that don't have l2 prefix and in their websites you will never see l2/lineage2 word mentioned. Look for example how project-essence prepared their website. Problem solved. Again, please stop spreading panic if you don't know how the industry works. Just checkout how biggest private servers are operating and you will get an idea how to setup everything to be as legal as possible. Or hire a lawyer who specializes in gambling/gaming industry, he will do market research and most likely come back to you with same conclusions. It's 2021, we need to forget about donations. From now private servers should collect money via standard payments/micro transactions like any other gamestore. Admins need to stop using personal paypal accounts for collecting payments and they need to open business accounts. And also to create legal entities and start paying taxes. Private server admins started getting their paypals banned because the way they setted up their payment model looks like a total scam. From paypals viewpoint you are not some charitable organization that needs to be running on donations. You are a business. So process payments as business. Now what a typical l2server has is a personal paypal account where payments are accepted via donations, a store with list of items that are given for these "donations", rules in website that say that "project is not obliged to give anything to the person who donated" and cherry on top - you get disputes where people "donated" to a project and didn't receive what is "promised". Thats multiple redflags.
  8. In your case there isnt really much work to do if u want to open a retail server. Just buy advext64 files and open a server. Bam you have a retail server. Bigger problem is how to advertise it and make it attract people. Because times changed, you will never bring back early 2000s where everyone was going crazy about l2. Hell even ncsoft itself shit the bed with latest essence version (especially l2aden) as well as 4game.
  9. Small typo there, u contradicted yourself because in first paragraph you are saying that problem is not the community, in third one u say it is the community. About how much server owners make - it's not your business to judge (most likely you are just jealous because you are making less). Your post is probably the best example of why project owners should not share information with their developers about how much they earn, because code monkeys become too cocky. They start thinking that everyone around them is retarded and they are special underrated snowflakes. They see the reward but they don't see how much time, effort, sweat, tears and blood has been invested into project. Just do your job or go work on your own project instead of judging. But probably you have no idea how complex is to create a decent server because you don't have what it takes. Try to create your own project while outsourcing ~10 pieces of it (also while risking your money/time and dealing with unmotivated service providers who dissapoint you on daily basis), maybe then you will understand that it's hard earned money. Maybe then you will be grateful for that community which is giving you freelance work. Probably this community is the only reason how you can even survive without having a regular fulltime job in some office where you would be another average dev. So stop biting the hand that feeds you and start respecting community.
  10. This is already implemented in most packs via admin command: //find_dualbox
  11. I know people who built themsleves houses from that "garbage" lmao.
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