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  1. Problem with this is that for example player who is used to his archer doing 1.5-2k dmg on crit to mages with lets say 2.5k p atk full buffed will come to your server and will do less damage then he has patk. Basically a better approach would be to somehow balance items in realtime. So that characters stats would be updated in realtime, not after restart and not through formulas.
  2. PM me with your skype and pricing. I will pay via paypal
  3. The fix worked! For anyone else struggling, here's what I did on my older aCis rev: diff --git a/UseItem.java b/UseItem.java index de97950..9bec237 100644 --- a/UseItem.java +++ b/UseItem.java @@ -46,32 +46,6 @@ private boolean _ctrlPressed; private int _itemId; - /** Weapon Equip Task */ - public static class WeaponEquipTask implements Runnable - { - L2ItemInstance item; - L2PcInstance activeChar; - - public WeaponEquipTask(L2ItemInstance it, L2PcInstance character) - { - item = it; - activeChar = character; - } - - @Override - public void run() - { - // If character is still engaged in strike we should not change weapon - if (activeChar.isAttackingNow()) - { - return; - } - - // Equip or unEquip - activeChar.useEquippableItem(item, false); - } - } - @Override protected void readImpl() { @@ -318,13 +292,7 @@ protected void runImpl() // Don't allow Hero items equipment if not a hero if (!activeChar.isHero() && (((item.getItemId() >= 6611) && (item.getItemId() <= 6621)) || (item.getItemId() == 6842)) && !activeChar.isGM()) return; - - if (activeChar.isAttackingNow()) - { - ThreadPoolManager.getInstance().scheduleGeneral(new WeaponEquipTask(item, activeChar), (activeChar.getAttackEndTime() - GameTimeController.getGameTicks()) * GameTimeController.MILLIS_IN_TICK); - return; - } - + if (!GameProperties.ALLOW_DAGGERS_WEAR_HEAVY) { if ((activeChar.getClassId().getId() == 93) || (activeChar.getClassId().getId() == 108) || (activeChar.getClassId().getId() == 101) || (activeChar.getClassId().getId() == 8) || (activeChar.getClassId().getId() == 23) || (activeChar.getClassId().getId() == 36)) @@ -358,7 +326,15 @@ protected void runImpl() } } - // Equip or unEquip + if (activeChar.isAttackingNow()) + ThreadPoolManager.getInstance().scheduleGeneral(() -> { + final L2ItemInstance itemToTest = activeChar.getInventory().getItemByObjectId(_objectId); + if(itemToTest == null) + return; + + activeChar.useEquippableItem(itemToTest, false); + }, activeChar.getAttackEndTime() - System.currentTimeMillis()); + else activeChar.useEquippableItem(item, true); } else
  4. You go to the website for 2 reasons: 1. download patch 2. donate Website is not based on newest and latest cutting edge technologies, but it's functional :)
  5. Hi man, description fixed. Start tomorrow!
  6. Thanks, later I will setup a test server and test this bug again.
  7. This protection is not working with sguard antibot because they override some files related to the way crests are being loaded (this way is utilized by antibot as well)
  8. I am not sure how to apply the fix (tried multiple times) but the bug is still here. My friend tried to apply it on his server and faced the same issue. I created a repository showing how I apply the fix: (I'm using older rev, so the way I call ThreadPool is different, maybe that's the issue?) https://github.com/eurbon/acis_bugfix
  9. These fixes dont work, was still able to dupe the item (just took few more tries instead of doing it in first or second attempt) Tryskell did you test your fix? And can you put whole UseItem.java so we could see the manner your proposed fix is applied?
  10. General Info: Easy Farm, PvP Balance, PvP Events, Custom Items, Mass PvP! Start this Saturday! Website: http://l2pw.com/ Forum: http://l2pw.com/forum  GENERAL Chronicle 6 - Interlude Starting & Subclass level - 80 Free noblesse status on starting Automatic potions use (HP/MP/CP) Starting system - Press couple buttons and you ready to play Alt+B Community Board with everything you need (Shop, Buffer, Etc) Anti-Bot Protection SmartGuard & Captcha OLYMPIAD Enchant limit +6 No Custom S-Grade Items Augmented Items disabled Class battles are disabled Required 5 players to start match Skills reused after every match Ranks updates after every match Heroes changing every sunday 24:00 [GMT+3] Olympiad start time 18:00 end 24:00 [GMT+3] Hero obtain hero skills in all sub-classes ENCHANT RATES Safe Enchant: +5 Max Simple/Blessed +20 Max Crystal +25 Simple Scrolls 60% Blessed Scrolls 100% Crystal Scrolls 100% Max skill enchant +10 Skill enchant chance 80% AUGMENTATION Top Grade Life Stone Chance: 15% Max 1 Active + 1 Passive Removed chance and magic attack skills Augment skills restricted from olympiad SIEGES Sieges duration 60 minutes There are 3 castle sieges (Giran, Rune, Aden) Sieges are scheduled everyday 20:00-00:00 Passive skill added for castle owners as reward Leader crown of the castle stats = Donate Hat AUTO EVENTS DeathMatch Last Man Standing Team vs Team Capture the Flag Raid in the Middle Events Scheduled Every 1 Hour CUSTOM ITEMS Apella Armors Dynasty Armors (TOP) Mix of Dusk/Icarus/Epic Weapons Unique Hair Accessories with HP/CP Boost PVP ZONE Chaotic Zone Changing every 2 hours After death random spawn in same zone RAID BOSSES There are 10 Raid Bosses Respawn time 1,5-3 hours All Chaotic Zones After death you will be teleported only after 30 secs CLANS All clan penaltys removed Clan after creation: 5 level Maximum players in clan - 40 Maximum clans in ally - 1 Removed Royals & Knights Clan skills affect all members regardless of rank OTHER INFO Auto Learn Skills & Auto Loot Stackable BOG/LS/Scrolls No Consume Shots/Arrows/Potions No Grade and Weight penalty No Sub-Class Quest No Noblesse Quest Free Class Change 6 Max Sub-Classes 99 Buff Slots 10 Seconds Unstuck Chance Minimum Debuffs - 10% Chance Maximum Debuffs - 90% Spawn Protection Anti-Heavy for Archer & Dagger Drop Items At Karma Offline Shop System PvP KillingSpree System Unique Economy System Stable Platform (aCis) Balanced Buffs/Skills/Classes Full interlude geodata / pathnode Website: http://l2pw.com/ Forum: http://l2pw.com/forum
  11. its not a p2w server, you can get everything from farm!
  12. http://www.l2sp.eu/ INFO http://www.l2sp.eu/
  13. SVN repo to git repo conversion seems pretty straightforward. What about migrating it to another IDE like IntelliJ IDEA as well? I mean I want to checkout that git repo and then be able to build that project.