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  1. Hello everyone! I would like to share before 2020 a small gift for Pride Lovers. This server files are good enough to open a stable Pride GF server with a properly working Event Engine. It works very smooth and i never had any issue with the files and event engine is fine with a proper configuration. Current files were tested with 200+ online and it was perfect at technical side. Event Engine tested with 50+ participants and there was not any kind of stuck bug or kick. Requirements: JDK 7u43 MySQL 5.5 Navicat 12 Premium Intellij IDEA - Community Edition (Best Choice) Advice: Use L2PTS generated geodata for L2J for this files. Do not forget to enable all squares for geo files. Use Linux Centos 7 or WinServer 2008 R2. Clean some old shit which Dav did. (Such as corrupted clans and spawns). Remove plain text password stuff & disable auto-register. Put some CMS or just get somewhere a simple HTML webpage & registration script if you can't make it by your own. Download Links: https://www.mediafire.com/file/2u00yyrjfettx1g/L2PRIDE.zip/file Credits: Dav hNoke Khalifa Santa Claus https://youtu.be/CdIT74L8hGI?t=3
  2. And you look at this loser as a rat throws me negative reactions. The man has not yet found his position in life, he feels like a tough guy. Opening over 65535 times same stinky project based on trash files and calling it L2PTS which he does not even understand meaning of this term. Which never succeeded on anything and just tons of lies. Remember "man!", i don't giving a fuck about this reaction stuff and your opinion. Throw me 10000 "-" reactions. In fact you are nobody and nothing in-front of me. @ZOUMHS
  3. Crap... i am against of few Mega Coders who even cannot accept my nickname :D I am sorry man! I didn't know there is a person like you and created an account with a 010010 nickname. I will ask MXC administrators to change my nickname. What are you doing guys ? Is it some kind of weed or something ? Please share it with me i wanna try it too xD
  4. I really feel sad for you. You are kinda living in your own instance. Building a big shit and believing to it's existence. I am okay with this if it makes you to feel better. You can continue :)
  5. Oh my God, the topic is repeating itself. My answer to Mellron also concerns you. Bye!
  6. PM me whenever you want. I can give you a strong advice and help you in your way.
  7. If you do not understand the meaning of this One who does not respect the work & time of others should receive the same attitude. Anyone who knows the admin of this server will understand me. I think Coco forgive me for posting some of his work here. Then xdem is totally right about your English problem. and of course there are no words. Because you are talking a total bullshit without a single proof! I am proud of being in the list of the rest idiots of this forum. Your place is more pathetic than mine.
  8. https://www.mediafire.com/file/3uik6rr88twq4hz/20191226111417.nb3/file
  9. A typical looser who knows absolutely nothing about a man comes here with loud statements about him. I don’t know what makes people like you such assholes. Greed? Jealousy? or are you just losers in life? Now closer to the point. That's how you bitch know that I don’t know what a binary is? Are you sitting next to me? Maybe we served together in the army? Maybe we studied together? Get out of this topic. You are a piece of unfinished phalos.
  10. https://www.fileplanet.com/archive/p-80561/Lineage-2-Chaotic-Throne-Gracia-Final-Client