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  1. Hello! Can you tell me where is the width of the dialog box in the interface? On GF and above, this is DialogBox [Window], but in IT, when you change the value in DialogBox [Window], nothing changes. Even when I delete it completely there is nothing changes and I believe that here it is somewhere else. Any ideas ?
  2. Here is my discord: 010010#6662 Add me and we can discuss about this. I will provide you test server to check it.
  3. Please put here console log after getting stuck.
  4. Same is possible with L2OFF too :)
  5. Well in L2OFF if you know what are you doing there shouldn't be any bug or errors. In L2OFF for x1 there is not even need a source code since you have a stable working files. So we are talking about x1 Server not for all rates.
  6. Hello everyone! Let's talk about platform choices for x1 servers. Some people are claiming that java platform is better for x1 high five. What do you think ?
  7. First of all, look the source of this -4 reputation after say something about that. The example of HTML website which you did show me is costs about 200$! So if you want to fool people with your 70 eur. Go on :) You will have a perfect website :D
  8. Its not full but it is enough to use and add other stuff manually. Thanks!
  9. He means i have 50-70 eur and i want only HTML based website. But he ask for a good design and logo where it does not cost this low. He want to have a website which is only design costs about 150-200$ and logo 40-80$ and all of this for 70 eur :D
  10. Hey! I am looking for Lineage 2 Eola Client patch. If someone has it, please share. Thanks!