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  1. Credit : Helionar You need to modify the properties of the new Static Mesh so the client knows which animation display on a selected throne. You will need to add to the StaticMesh the L2ServerObjectRealID (the ID on the XML) and change the L2ServerObjectType to EL2_CHAIR (throne) or EL2_TPCHAIR (character alt sitting anim, maybe from mystic tavern?). Be aware that the EL2_CHAIR type will change the heading on all the players on the KnowList to match the same heading of the sitting player. You will need tools to do this, mainly l2smr (for identifying the StaticMesh) and l2pe for everythin
  2. WTS = Rent Pet Ride - Parsing Data Using xml - Speed, Fee ID, Fee Count changable in xml - Posibbility to make same NPC Id but Different in Speed, Fee ID, Fee Count - L2-Scripts, Mobius, etc - H5 - Homunculus For Who want to test, can connect to my test server using this client https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1D1Bs7HpmaJ6WVq7rCvzujiCr3Q67fVCo example video : https://prntscr.com/uwpbkc https://prntscr.com/uwpbkh https://prntscr.com/uwpbk7
  3. its not in html read here , im reply on that topic long time ago
  4. 1- we need to download "NWindow.dll" from Download Here Credit For Spoken 2- extracted "NWindow.dll" to your system folder 3- open l2.ini, then add "IsL2pawnviewer=true" under "URL" section Sample Video Thanks
  5. Here https://github.com/lordofdest/dateditor to work in protocol 196 to 235 u need to add auto use structure from 245/270 structure, just copy paste
  6. your dat editor missing about auto use structure, thasts make green arrow circle missing here is example
  7. geodata l2s format from scripts is binded by ip, u can't use it to another ip
  8. thats button its not in html, handler by code here = gameserver.communitybbs if you cant find this patch, may be you can take a look on folder scripts/handler for more detail you can take a look on server packet gameserver.network.serverpackets.ShowBoard
  9. i think you dint need to create another topic if you just add another host download, just comment in original topic here
  10. im using patched system and it work fine https://prntscr.com/scpjdb
  11. https://eu.4game.com/patchnotes/lineage2/ update yesterday
  12. check on npc ai/instance code that npc and check in npcinfopacket too, if you use usingServerSideTitle="true" title info is sended from npcinfopacket, you can trace from this file to ai/instance that npc