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  1. geodata l2s format from scripts is binded by ip, u can't use it to another ip
  2. thats button its not in html, handler by code here = gameserver.communitybbs if you cant find this patch, may be you can take a look on folder scripts/handler for more detail you can take a look on server packet gameserver.network.serverpackets.ShowBoard
  3. i think you dint need to create another topic if you just add another host download, just comment in original topic here
  4. im using patched system and it work fine https://prntscr.com/scpjdb
  5. https://eu.4game.com/patchnotes/lineage2/ update yesterday
  6. check on npc ai/instance code that npc and check in npcinfopacket too, if you use usingServerSideTitle="true" title info is sended from npcinfopacket, you can trace from this file to ai/instance that npc
  7. 1- open file teleportlist.dat in your folder system 2- add zone and save 3- add data teleport point in your server 4- done
  8. Grand Crusade based on L2-Scripts vertion 37698 Price is $ 150 USD, Free Geoadata Classic Zaken based on L2-Scripts vertion 29950 2nd Last Price is $ 150 USD, Free Geoadata for who interest, i will give my team viewer info, so you can confirm the code or test server TokTil.Dev@gmail.com WhatsApp: +62 897 3992 177 Telegram: @TokTil https://t.me/TokTil Skype: TokTil Dev live: b0ad8038aa0c9ca7 Discord: TokTil.Dev # 9811
  9. @Rootware can you make this app convert it back from l2d to l2j thanks
  10. he already gave you the link of full source, what you need to do is adapt the packet network in your source, no need to touch another just focus on network packet both server and client
  11. https://github.com/JoeAlisson/L2jOrg/tree/development Support protocol 245