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  1. https://github.com/JoeAlisson/L2jOrg/tree/development Support protocol 245
  2. for spawning character after creation is located in data\pc_parameters\template_data , then open template xml you want to change (example human template), then find this text <start_points> or you can use classic map, go to client folder => Maps/ then rename this file 16_24, 16_25, 17_25 to another name, then remove _classic in this file 16_24_Classic, 16_25_Classic, 17_25_Classic
  3. cata and necro is still exist, but you need to create direct teleport / npc gatekeeper to go inside
  4. this is a source no need to crack it, and make sure after compiling this source you replace the old one
  5. for someone who have problem auto shot and skill list for learn, you can adapt it from shared l2-scripts zaken source, just copy paste and small change. * sadly the link source is already gone from this forum, so you need to search from another forum
  6. Download Link : L2-Scripts(HighFive-GoD)_full-source-rev20720(2268) #this source is not the last l2-scripts release, so it does not representative the last revision High Five Part 5 (With GOD support 140 protocol) Pack presented by L2-scripts.com What is this build: This is the same L2j Pack on the content as the usual High Five. The advantage of this build is that players will be able to enter the game with the latest customers, with improved graphics, interface and other delights of modern graphics. In fact, it is everyone's favorite High Five, but with a modern visual performance. Players will be able to enter the game by the following clients: 1. Original high Five client (268 and 273 Protocol) 2. Client Salvation (140 Protocol) Rev. 20720/2268 * Fix display of change the HP/MP of the target; * Fix macro operation; * Inventory work fix; * The correct order of packet when you enter the game; + Implemented the study of skills through the interface (configurable); * Fixed learning skills through NPC; * * *
  7. the different is in point in l2store (item mall) in -eu its count with euro with format x.xx (example 2.55 euro, in -e is count 255 NCoin) in -e its without dot(.), so 25 NCoin show as 0.25 euro in -eu or can you share guide how to remove dot(.) in euro format ? * of course i can edit price value in datapack item mall to suited with eu client, * maybe some one have a backup -e client protocol 235 thanks
  8. thanks for your replay, but im looking system with -e extention not -eu downloaded from lineage2.com
  9. 1. go to https://maxcheaters.com/forum/41-client-development-discussion/ 2. read all topic with tags guide, 3. start your project, if you have problem then write in help section. * no one will help you, if you don't know anything
  10. first you need to go to this link, then choose random source and run in your local server to know better about server structure (for this you need to know java), then learn how to datapack connected with server (about parsing and db)
  11. when you change total price to 1, it worse because all item stackable example (11 piece item) is still 1 adena in total, if we want to antisipation adena population we can change price per item to this totalPrice = SafeMath.addAndCheck(totalPrice, SafeMath.mulAndCheck((item.getReferencePrice() / "your rate setting"), count) / 2); <= this code from my pack so maybe diff from another pack or item.getReferencePrice(), count)/ "your rate setting" *"your rate setting" = like item drop rate so all item still have uniqe price not 1 adena, to antisipation player to make trash in every town floor <= still can be anticipation to make all item drop by player destroy by xx sec like drop by monster #Still newbee, correct me if im wrong