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  1. first you need to go to this link, then choose random source and run in your local server to know better about server structure (for this you need to know java), then learn how to datapack connected with server (about parsing and db)
  2. when you change total price to 1, it worse because all item stackable example (11 piece item) is still 1 adena in total, if we want to antisipation adena population we can change price per item to this totalPrice = SafeMath.addAndCheck(totalPrice, SafeMath.mulAndCheck((item.getReferencePrice() / "your rate setting"), count) / 2); <= this code from my pack so maybe diff from another pack or item.getReferencePrice(), count)/ "your rate setting" *"your rate setting" = like item drop rate so all item still have uniqe price not 1 adena, to antisipation player to make trash in every town floor <= still can be anticipation to make all item drop by player destroy by xx sec like drop by monster #Still newbee, correct me if im wrong
  3. you can look example code from admin command handler "handlers.admincommandhandlers" from your sources, try search in this file "sysstring-**.dat"
  4. you can use this, or if you only need add static mesh you can use this https://github.com/acmi/L2smr
  5. is simple way int _add = 0; if(activechar.hasPremiumAccount()) _add = 1; content = content.replace("%ratexp%", String.valueOf(Math.round(Config.RATE_XP + _add))); content = content.replace("%ratesp%", String.valueOf(Math.round(Config.RATE_SP + _add))); content = content.replace("%ratedrop%", String.valueOf(Math.round(Config.RATE_DROP_ITEMS + _add)));
  6. give them a proof video record or video live link, if you can't, to me you look like spammer user to make that server look good
  7. after you edited, then compile your scripts or just delete original scripts.jar, this pack run both compiled scripts.jar and folder scripts (java file)
  8. thats announce is in announcements.sql, you can edit before install or just edit that value using navicat
  9. to run smoothly with geo you need 6GB memory then change Xmx4096m/Xmx5096m
  10. if ((_actor == null) || _actor.isDead() || _actor.isInOlympiadMode())
  11. try this, window => preferences => general => workspace change file text encoding to utf-8
  12. example if (command.equalsIgnoreCase("change_sex")) { if (activeChar.getInventory().getCountOf(Config.getChangeSexPriceId()) >= Config.getChangeSexPriceCount()) { activeChar.getInventory().destroyItemByItemId(Config.getChangeSexPriceId(), Config.getChangeSexPriceCount(), "SexChange"); . . . Your Code Here . . . } else activeChar.sendMessage("Error: You don't have items to pay."); }
  13. use this https://mega.nz/#!yo9A1aCR!gi2yoHPHqn4UWJhDoFBqXj0cZXaYJbF0idwcwa68BBk