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  1. Hi My friend, sorry for the early response, your contribution was so good, but I have issues trying to unpack Skillgrp.dat and skillname-eu.dat, givme a error Java in the console and in the bottom of the files showme a Unknow error, if I add any line dont save the changes, did you know why occurs this? btw with the items dat files work wonderfull. Regards. E.
  2. Sorry in this moment I cannot get one, cuz I need to reinstall all the client but if you want a Idea this is the behavior: when I have a fresh install the client show me like the screen where the guy and the girl is stand, but after I do the changes in the DAT file the lobby screen change to the Fafurion intro.
  3. thanks my friend for your reply, I supposed that was the issue, but can you share the structure file?
  4. Hi To everyone I have some questions and issues about the PoW1 and 3 part editing DAT files like skill and items, in the PoW1 version when I edit the DAT files (Skills and Items) to improve some fixes curiusly when I edit those files when I run the client and login in the game, the client initial animation where I put the credentials to login change completly to a "old" version, fafurion more exactly, WTF??? any way when I login and see in the autouse of skills doesnt work, the green arrow indicating that the skill can be use in the autouse or toggle mode doesnt see, and dont work.