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  1. Well okey is this pack will be ok for pvp server? Any issues that need to be fixed for pvp server on 382 rev?
  2. Hello everyone! I'm absolutely newbie and just learning everything step by step how to create playable server. I'm using now Acis 382 pack and i would like to ask what kind of bugs this rev got? Whats the main bugs? What have you found wrong in these files? If i will get couple of answers i can start learning how to fix all that. Any useful information about bugs will be helpful! Thank you and have a nice day everyone!
  3. Looking for person who can create : 1. custom animated Npc with server logo shining on the top of NPC. 2. Loading screen with server title 3. Splash logo with server title With examples and prices text me in discord : PainInTheAss#1650