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  1. Lineage II Virus Website : https://l2virus.co.uk/ BOTTING ALLOWED : Instead of doing bad/good guy ........ Why you should not be allowed to AFK FARM ? As i was a normal player before , i do understand that real life is more important and you do not want to lose the farm. Custom ITEMS ( CUSTOM STATS ) : Custom Jewels - Vesper , Vorpal , Elegia , Scarlet ( TOP ) Custom Armours - Moirai , Vesper , Vesper Noble , Vorpal , Elegia , Scarlet ( TOP ) Custom Weapons - Vesper , Mid , Top , Ferrum ( TOP ) Custom ETC - Cloaks , Accesories , Belts , Tattoos , Bracelets , Agathions Custom Farm Zones : 8 Farm Zones ( Some Have Raid Bosses for Custom Items DROP ) , 1 Leveling Zone Enchant rates: Safe enchant +500 Blessed and simple scrolls max enchant (+500) Simple enchant scrolls chance - 100% Blessed enchant scrolls chance - 100% Buff Limit : Buffs - UNLIMITED Dances/Songs - UNLIMITED Buff Time : 12 Hours Extra features ALT+B: Events Rankings Clan Farm Zones INFO Updates and other Voiced commands: .getreward - Use it every 12 hours to claim Reward from Voting .repair - Repairing character located in same account .giran - Teleports to Giran Town .engage - Offer marries to target« .divorce - Break relationship and become free .gotolove - Teleport to your wife or husband Auto Event system: Team VS Team event - Auto event Capture The Flag - Auto event Olympiad: Retail olympiad game Competition period [2] week Olympiad start time [18:00] end [00:00] Olympiad end 1st - 15st Maximum enchant in the Olympiad is +6, which means if your items are higher that +6 Gallery On the Website !
  2. Fast and Easy ! : Responded fast to my message , Transaction in less than 2 minutes after reply ! Trusted
  3. @Vision @Celestine . I do apologize for me giving him downvotes . That was a trash behaviour from my Part. You guys have to understand abit the fustration aswell , since he as a seller does advertise a product . I said Positive and Negative about him as a seller and what kind of person he is . I reached to the conclusion ........ ANYTHING that has to do with MONEY ... people will try their best to get it . As soon as they get the money ..... thats it 🙂 being a "professional" goes out of the window. Since this Feedback has been implemented on mxc , If you do any kind of review on ANYTHING u will get a downvote for no reason . Im just gona mention this aswell here , HE IGNORED me for a long time , as soon as he got his "Downvote" on MXC , he started to Message me regarding me having a "Child Behaviour" , which honestly , yeah it was . A Chargeback has been done anyway , because i did not download his files . And for ANYONE who wants to buy his files , you will be ALLOWED ONLY 1 TIME A MONTH to download the files . On his website , dosen't mention anything about his , dosent mention anything about refunds or ANYTHING if something goes wrong with transaction ! I am a member on multiple forums for more than 10 YEARS , im not a spamer , commenting for no reason . I have seen him advertising his "files" and i will not give details because this is MXC . End of it , If you guys want to see the conversation how it went on discord , im more than happy to show you !
  4. Lock/Unlock the topic .......... There are Positives and Negatives ! Positives : When ur about to do payment he will message you to get the money from you. As im new to the "create l2 server" he explained to me few bits , and i though it would be a source access and in the end THIS is just another Compiled Pack. He was fast to take money ........ Negatives : After talking to him and explaining him that it was not something im looking for , giving him Remote Access and he did not even get to install the compiled pack , requested a refund ! Using my iphone , automatically it did start to download file and did cancel it because i dont need it . After a whole day of atempting to speak with him and explaining him the situation ...... his last reply was "Sorry this is not gona work for you" . Hours later did try to message him AGAIN ! and NO REPLY . The Day before .... he did STOP replying at all , following day to get a message "my working hours have been finished" ...... Conclusion : DO NOT DEAL WITH HIM OR HIS FILES ! If u want a proof of my conversation with him ..... pm me here and il provide it to you !
  5. Delivery of vps ..... long time If you submit a ticket , takes AGES to get a reply . After delivery of VPS .... could not access the VPS , it went offline after , then the Login for customers on website dosent work ...
  6. Hello everyone . Never came accross this error so far on L2Net , 1. I have no anti-virus installed 2. Firewall is disabled 3. Windows Anti-Defender , i added everything to exception I still get this error , any ideea what i could do ?
  7. Feedback after 15min on it . NPCs dont have HTML finished , so ..... that kinda says it all 1 "player" is already Full there Fake players in Giran If you are thinking to use chat ....... u need at least lvl 76
  8. 1GB Patch ? ........ Shock
  9. First , would like to say a GOOD JOB ! Second , responding to quote . Having Good Feedback on ur product u rise prices ? that is BAD ! Should give discounts or something if u get good reviews , not increase ur prices ! That is greed
  10. Make a update on links ....
  11. Server has NICE Features ! while u level .... u get rewards no lag .....
  12. GM is active ..... there been small problems .. and fixed instantly NO LAG ......
  13. Well ....... from my previous experiences .... NEVER TRADE with someone that is from Romania ...... Scam 100%
  14. Upload the patch on different sites man ........ SPECIALY MEGA.NZ Mediafire for myself kinda sux .... apparently have to wait 1hr LOL After i log in il come with a review aswell
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