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  1. Have a look at our thread, we provide SSD based servers. https://maxcheaters.com/topic/220798-legionhostercom-webhosting-500-gbps-ddos-protection
  2. Hello, I am sorry you did not like our services. Please PM me about the issue we will try to resolve it or make sure its fixed and no longer cause any problems. Thank you.
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  4. This person used our service to carry DDoS. When it happened for the first time, we had suspended his server and informed him to terminate the 2nd user that is "Admin$". If this person didn't carry the attack then it means his server is compromised and someone else is doing it. If that is the case we gave him a chance to terminate the user and change the pass of his server to avoid this again. Now in this case no matter what, we never changes the files/folder/settings of the client server for security reasons. This server was owned him and to save it, it is his responsibility to take care of the case. The worst thing happened when he started to claim that our staff made that account and we are doing DDoS from his server.. Is he kidding us? I meant seriously? Proofs : 2 Users : http://prnt.sc/di5ds5 Report from OVH : http://prnt.sc/di5e22 His server : http://prnt.sc/di5dvb IP blocked by OVH : http://prnt.sc/di5ihn It is clearly written in our TOS, that using our services for malicious purposes is prohibited and we will take actions. Despite of the fact we gave him a chance but he miss used it. He used the same server for DDoSing again.
  5. Try out : http://legionhoster.com products. Cheapest and best in the market right now.
  6. I can supply you this.... Add us on Skype : support.Legionhoster
  7. I have 30 euro PSC and I need PayPal. HMU with the offers. I will go with the best and trusted seller. Looking forward to it. Regards.