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  1. Hello, i've been away from this Game for many years, what is '' Dream VIP cracked // Lucera 1.7 cracked ''
  2. Hi. i want to know about the range distance when is farming on bot mode?
  3. 1] Find where those lines are going. 2] Delete all the line [ --- ] 3] Add at the same line [ +++ ] Hope i helped you.
  4. So? As i understand i have to change the <set name=''absorpart'' val=''0.6''/> If yes then if i want to do it like 30% i should add val=''3.0''/>
  5. Example for this skill. What i have to change?
  6. Hello everybody. Can someone say me please how i can change the % from hp drain + D-Buffs. Example ''' Steal Essence ''' ''' Vampiric Claw '''' ''' Fear ''' ''' Anchor ''' Thank you.
  7. Thank you very much Sophus. Done :)
  8. Thank you in deep Sophus. Im going to check that now if i have any problem i will reply here. Again thank you in deep!