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  1. Great feature good luck with your server
  2. Hello Guys, we are a new team we going to sell adena, items, chars, adrenaline keys, ASI keys Stock : 20KK 8 EURO = 1KK Items, Characters, and keys, prices coming soon. CONTACT: Skype uyra-grek
  3. [GR] esy kane kariera me vps server taxitia internet 20 download kai 7 upload...! exeis ddos protect? mipos exeis ena free programa p kanei protect apo ta programa opos ( hoic,loic,rDos kai kapia alla pedika programata) tr kapoios na s kanei kalo ddos attack tha pesei o server mia k kalh.
  4. mexri ta 85 efkola meta paei diskola
  5. [GR] admin psofa gamo to (tispi sou) sorry p vrizo pedia... (enan kolo server dn mporeis na anikseis... edo apo spiti anigoune server kai kratane parapano a0x0ax0a)
  6. file anikse oti thes esy kai copy na einai sta diarxi sou min akous ti s lene i ali apla klene opos o frank. lipon otan o (Frank) anikse ton l2 Accuser douleve kati tetio AKOMA KLAIW
  7. Hello and Welcome to our Lineage2 Interlude Harmonia International server. Tired of tons of customs? Not balanced gameplay? Corrupted gamemasters? Join us and we will help you to forget it. We know what you need! Our goal is to bring you retail like gameplay. That's why we not using any npc buffer and other crappy custom thing, which ruins gameplay. If you don't like Harmonia mid rates server features and ideas, this server isn't for you. Go play in another server. So, it's time to write about main features. Chronicle: Interlude No wipes forever! Yes, you readed it right! Server u
  8. server closed in 1 week-max 2