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  1. To many coustom for me. People that is interlude no h5. If wonna H5 do server on H5 files no interlude.
  2. It start about 2 hours ago. WEBSITE: http://en.lifedrain.lt/info Rates / Enchants • Xp: 85 • Sp: 85 • Party Xp: 1.5 • Party Sp: 1.5 • Drop: 30 • Spoil: 25 • Quest: 10 • Adena: 85 • RaidBoss Drop: 30 • Enchant chance: 60% • Blessed enchant chance: 65% • Max: 16 • FullBody safe: +4 • Safe: +3 Additional player commands .gk - Necropolis / Catacombs gatekeeper .blockip - blocking your IP and other cant connect to ypur account .title - PvP / PK statistic on the title (Ex.: PvP xx / PK xx) .buffs - Buffer command (not work in all areas.) .changepass - change password in the game .expsp - EXP, SP gain (On / Off) .autoloot - auto loot drop (On / Off) .repair - Repair your character yourself. Epic bosses respawn time (h.) Valakas 96+2 Antharas 96+2 Frintezza 48+2 Baium 48+2 Zaken 40+2 Orfen 20+2 Core 33+2 Ant Queen 24+2 Barakiel 5 Information • Auto events: TvT, CTF, DM. (every hour) • Offline Trading/Crafting. • Auto learn skills. • Single Duel, Party duel. • Balanced class. • NPCs: Shop, Buffer (be resists), Catacombs / Necropolis GK, Class manager. • Buff time: 2h. • Buff slot'as: 28 (26+4) [Debuffs not using buff slot.] • Full working Geodata and Pathnode. • Working 99.9% Quest. • Working 99.9% Interlude Skills. • Full Working Four Selpucher. • Full Working Rift. • Shop No Grade - B Grade. • SubClass (No need quest). • Full working augment system. • Full working olympiad system. • Full working Epic bosses / Raid bosses. • Full working Fortress. • Working cursed weapon system. • Olympiad retail. • Hero period 1 week. • Hero change every Friday 10:00 PM • Noobles quest item 65 Level in Shop. • Main town Giran. • Premium account system. • And much more... Other information • Enchant scrolls changed to stackable. • To Community boarde added C/N gatakeeper, buffer, top 20 (pvp, pk, lvl, rec), added information about events, premium account and more. Server Hardware • Intel Core i7 6.5 GHz • 16GB ram. • 320 GB. • Server conection: 1gbps
  3. Hello I need walker or l2net for that serwer here is website http://www.bfdr.eu/ Big thx for all who request for that topic;]
  4. That is no invisible that is invurable or immortal ;P
  5. yeah were is website link? EDITE: Ok am find http://l2paralyze.webs.com/
  6. And you think all come to that server back ?? Hmm close taht server and publicate it on all froums, sites what you know and write in it you open server in 2 weeks and then many people play again;] And one more: ADD more moobs and faster respawn time ;]
  7. Haha the next edition of the server L2Comedy,L2NoLife,L2Tilllate ;] IP: l2comedy.no-ip.biz In month it be RIP
  8. ADD RAID BOSs JAWELERY, Game stoen c grade And delete blessed scrols of escape to castle and normla because that is sh it ;]
  9. Go and publicate that server if wonna more players because now online is suck. And dont refresh old topic, do new ;]
  10. that server is off and in download section dont have patch to downlaod ;]
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